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by Norwich Mustard in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th March 2018 we successfully raised £13,823 with 184 supporters in 28 days

We need to fund a business plan for Norwich Mustard, a community owned cooperative that will make mustard in Norwich after Colman's leave.

by Norwich Mustard in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thanks for all your support in helping us to raise  £6,000, we’ve now received match funding of £6,000 from Power to Change. There's now no doubt at all that the people of Norwich really do want Norwich Mustard on their plates!

We can now get on with setting up the coop; producing the business plan and having some mustard grown us right here in Norfolk. But you might not want to wait that long to try the tasty recipes we're planning for Norwich Mustard. 

If we reach our top up target of £7,500 we will spend the extra money on buying some Canadian mustard (it's what everyone else uses, even to some extent Colman's) and have a test batch of our products on sale early this summer.

This autumn of course we will be using Norfolk grown mustard.

People are upset that Colman’s Mustard is leaving Norwich

With your help, we can create Norwich Mustard, a brand you and I can own ourselves; a brand that will stay in Norwich for ever, create jobs and of course, reward you with yummy locally produced mustard!

More than 5,000 people already have viewed the video. People are volunteering to get involved; to spread the word and help get this new venture off the ground. This is going to be big! This is your opportunity!so 

Stephen Fry summed it up when he tweeted; ‘Norwich without #Colmans? Take the Tower from London, the RSC from Stratford and the potteries from Stoke, but leave our mustard in the FineCity.’

We have the ear of local politicians, but they can’t do much to help until Colman’s actually closes next year. Our plan is to be ready to step into the void Colman’s departure from Norwich will leave. We’re not setting out to compete with Colman’s, but instead to create a truly local, 21st century brand of mustard.

In a nutshell we're planning to

  • Create a new community owned cooperative, with a  crowdfunded share issue this Spring
  • Give everyone who cares about Norwich the chance to own shares and earn their dividend in mustard
  • Build a team of enthusiastic people to grow, process and market the products, right here in Norwich
  • Be innovative, dynamic, exciting, bold and of course, profitable and so around for years to come

But we have to take things one short step at a time. 

To create Norwich Mustard will need careful thought and detailed planning. That’s what we’re asking you to help us fund right now.

Your sponsorship will enable us to set up the new organisation, build a team and most importantly, prepare a plan that will make sure Norwich Mustard succeeds, this year, next year and for ever. We are also planning to have some mustard grown and processed this year. This will give you the chance to taste Norwich Mustard this autumn.

Finally, Power to Change have agreed to match every pound you invest. This means that when we reach our £6,000 target, they will give us a £6,000 grant. With your help, we can take the next step on this exciting journey.

Don't miss your  opportunity to play your part in keeping mustard production in Norwich.

Still not convinced? Remember it would be all too easy to try to run before we can walk. We already have some talented entrepreneurs on board. They have the skills, contacts we need and with your backing, can turn this brilliant idea into reality. But time is of the essence we need to strike whilst the story is hot. The longer we wait, the harder it will be, so go in, be daring and jump in with your pledge today!


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£10 or more

A letter of thanks

To thank you, we will send you a signed letter of thanks, on a Norwich Mustard letterhead

£25 or more

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A pot of mustard

We are planning to have a trial batch of Norwch Mustard grown and bottled this year. Be one of the first to taste Norwch Mustard.

£50 or more

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Be there, support this and get the t-shirt!

As well as being one of the first to taste Norwich Mustard, we will send you a high quality, bright and bold Norwhich Mustard T-shirt. It'll mean everyone you meet can marvel at your committment to the brand. Wear it all summer and spread the word.

£100 or more

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Join us for a mustard rich buffet supper

As soon the first jars of Norwich Mustard arrive, we'll invite you and your partner to join us for a buffet supper in the centre of Norwich. We're not sure where this will be yet, or what exactly will be on the menu, but you can be sure that everything we serve will taste beter with a generous dollop of Norwich Mustard!

£500 or more

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Publicity to align your brand with ours

You care about Norwich Mustard, but you also need to see a return on your investt in our plan. We will work with you to make sure your investment is repaid in press coverage over the coming months. There will be many opportunities.

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