Ninesprings Lake and Water Vole Habitat Project

by Yeovil Rivers Community Trust in Yeovil, England, United Kingdom

Ninesprings Lake and Water Vole Habitat Project
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Our aims are to enhance and restore the Ninesprings lake and ponds to increase habitat and wildlife diversity.

by Yeovil Rivers Community Trust in Yeovil, England, United Kingdom

The project’s main aims are to enhance the Ninesprings lake and pond and their margins to increase habitat diversity and improve the quality of existing habitats so that a greater range of animals and plants are established in the country park. 

Special emphasis is placed on enhancing the quality and extent of water vole habitat both in the water and on land. This will include improving riverside margins along the nearby Dodham Brook and creating corridors to link aquatic habitats within Ninesprings.

 A further key objective of the project is to enhance the recreational and educational value of the park for the benefit of key groups as well as the wider community. Increasing the diversity of plants and animals within the park will help to create a colourful and picturesque landscape which will provide an exciting and interesting resource for people to enjoy.

Currently, the lake and smaller pond to the west of the lake have very little vegetation in the water and a limited number of plant species on bankside margins. The addition of a range of new species such as yellow flag iris, water mint, water forget-me-not and purple loosestrife will create a colourful and diverse range of new habitats for insects and animals to live in. 

Further flower diversity will be provided through the creation of areas of wet meadow and wildflower meadow. These will provide a rich pollen and nectar resource for a range of insects including bees, wasps and flies. Common reed and other plants emerging from the water will provide protection and resources for water vole and a range of other animal species, including reed bunting, warblers and damsel flies and dragonflies. Reed habitats are scarce in South Somerset and are a threatened habitat across England, so the project will help to meet a very important conservation need!

The project is seeking to provide optimal habitat for water vole and other protected species such as kingfisher, otter and bats and hopefully, provide more opportunities for people to catch a glimpse of these animals and learn more about them!

If you would like to make Ninesprings a better park for people and wildlife then please donate! Thank you, YRCT 

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