NHS Portrait Exhibition

by Oxford Art Community in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

NHS Portrait Exhibition

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Help Us Launch #YouAreAmazing in 2024 and Celebrate Women in Healthcare!

by Oxford Art Community in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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On the 14th February 2024 we'd raised £70 with 3 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Help Us Launch #YouAreAmazing in 2024 and Celebrate Women in Healthcare!

What is #YouAreAmazing?

 Are you a secret superhero just waiting for your chance to shine? If so, we need your help to make #YouAreAmazing a reality!

 This exciting new project for 2024 is centred on the simple mission to use art as a tool to spotlight the extraordinary female leads who are actively shaping the landscape of contemporary healthcare for the better and building community along the way.


 #YouAreAmazing is gearing up to become an unmissable annual art exhibition, driven by volunteers and supported by heroic members of our generous community. Each International Women's Day, we will present a bold and beautiful new collection of unique portraits introducing trailblazing women working in the NHS.

 Nominated by their colleagues. Women portrayed will be celebrated for elevating their peers and shifting the perspectives of a rising generation, empowering them to embrace who they are and carve out their very own space in the workplace. Now, that's something worth celebrating!


 What Is the Oxford Art Community?

Before you join us on our journey, we'd love to introduce ourselves. We are an independent community of artists and artisans, dedicated not only to our work in Healthcare but also to harnessing our creative passions to actively drive positive change in the world of healthcare and beyond.

Our super-charged, dynamic, and diverse team is made up of Photographers, Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators and Writers who are also Nurses, Radiographers, Radiology Assistants, and Care Support Workers. In addition to our shared love for art and great patient care, what we all have in common is a wish to join forces with you!

 For the 2024 #YouAreAmazing exhibition, our promise is that each of the artworks displayed will be donated by a talented member of our art community. From there, we need your help to make this event a force to be reckoned with.


Why Celebrate Women in Healthcare?

Our NHS is full of strong women making a difference in a myriad of impactful ways, but those achievements are not always individually recognised or known. The Oxford Art Community is setting out to change that, using art as a bridge to connect real and amazing women and their stories with the recognition they deserve.

 Why is this important? Women working on the frontline of healthcare also play an important role in moving the needle for everyone towards greater equality, access, and inclusion by nurturing potential in its many forms. That's why, each year, #YouAreAmazing will showcase a collection of fifty powerful portraits of women making big and meaningful impacts.

 Your Contribution, in Action!

You'll probably agree, we've certainly got the enthusiasm—and we've got some great collaborators too but, we still need some spirited sidekicks by our side to do justice to the many women that have inspired us to come this far.

So, how can you help?

 Our goal is to raise a minimum of £4000 for #YouAreAmazing 2024. This will not only fund some marvellous gifts for the fifty women showcased in our exhibition, but it will also allow us to cast our impact even further and distribute goods that show our gratitude to more women doing great work throughout the NHS in Oxford.


Alongside propelling the 2024 exhibition, crowdfunding for #YouAreAmazing will establish a firm foundation to ensure that this project continues on, year after year. Because, ultimately, our vision for celebrating the females leading the way within our wider community extends far beyond International Women's Day!


Help Us Launch This Project Into 2024 and Beyond

Your support will bring #YouAreAmazing to life, providing countless local art lovers and NHS professionals with the opportunity to:


  • Meet a phenomenal array of women of varying ages and healthcare backgrounds
  • Discover authentic female role models through original artworks
  • Dispel misconceptions about what it looks like when women move mountains
  • Encounter real-life stories of women excelling around us every day
  • Forge empowering new community connections
  • Be inspired or even get involved in driving a movement!


 Other Ways You Can Help

Alongside contributing to this crowdfunding campaign, there are other ways that you can get involved. If you are a company that wishes to sponsor the event financially or with items to be distributed, we'd love to hear from you. So, please get in touch to hear more about our marketing, packaging, and partnership needs.


After considering your contribution here today, don't forget to come along on the day and be a part of this empowering exhibition. Visit us at OxfordArtCommunity.co.uk to discover more about what we do and connect with us on social media for the latest updates on #YouAreAmazing and more!


This project offered rewards

£5 or more

#YouAreAmazing portrait postcard

YouAreAmazing Postcard A handwritten Thank You note from our founders to you, on a beautiful #YouAreAmazing portrait postcard, and your name will be acknowledged on our website as a contributor to 2024 exhibition.

£20 or more

£20 Oxford Art Community Painting Prize Draw

Entry into a Prize Draw to win an incredible art work from the Oxford Art Community. Art works up for grabs include a contemporary painting.

£45 or more

Mindful Painting Experience for 1, plus Prosecco!

If you pledge £45, we would be delighted to invite you or your guest for a free 90-minute session. At our Mindful Painting sessions. All our guests leave with a painting that is truly one of a kind. Plus, experience the revitalising benefits of painting mindfully, and expressing your creativity

£80 or more

Mindful Painting Experience for 2, plus champagne!

If you pledge £80, we would be delighted to invite you and a guest for a free 90 minute session. All our guests leave with a painting that is truly one of a kind. Plus, experience the revitalising benefits of painting mindfully, and expressing your creativity

£100 or more

Limited edition Print

A limited edition print specially crafted and signed by one of our artists.

£200 or more

Pet Portrait Commission

A bespoke portrait of your beloved pet, completed by one of our incredible artists, with your specific tastes and requirements in mind.

£500 or more

Private event for you and 9 guests

We'd love to invite you and 9 guests to a private sitting. At your event, we'll provide a 90 minute Mindful Painting experience with one of our Master Instructors, champagne and nibbles. We'll also offer photography and a shout-out on social media where desired. This would make an amazing team Christmas Party, hen party or birthday gift!

£500 or more

A bespoke website

This will be a 3-page website designed creatively and dynamically under your specifications. Note: This does not include an online store.

£1,000 or more

A private event for you and 19 guests

*Half Price* We'd love to invite you and 19 guests to a private sitting. Includes: - A 121 meeting with the founders to craft your bespoke event - A 90-minute Mindful Painting experience with a Master Instructor - Champagne reception - Catering - Photography - A shout-out social media (optional) Would make a lovely team party!

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