by Steven Mayers in Hounslow, England, United Kingdom


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We're harnessing community spirit and asking you to join us in raising one million pounds for the NHS.

by Steven Mayers in Hounslow, England, United Kingdom

Can you spare £1? No more, no less. 

Let's care for our carers. Our NHS is amazing and we are raising one million pounds for them. This will get what's needed, where it's needed. One million appears to be a lot of money but let's put this in context. 

London has a population of 8.982 million people and the UK has a total population of 66.65 million people according to the latest figures. We're asking for just one million (2% of Londoners) to donate just £1 to our campaign. If one million people donated £1 by the end of today, we'd be successfully funded and the money would reach the NHS almost immediately. 

£1 is the cost of your pint of milk, it's also the cost of funding the NHS

£1 is the cost of your chocolate bar, it's also the cost of providing food to frontline NHS staff. 

We want to be completely transparent with you about how your money will be spent, so here's our spending plan: 

£500,000 to be donated to NHS charities (https://www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk)

£450,000 to be donated directly to West Middlesex and Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals (Jointly) 

£20,000 to be used sending food and drinks to NHS staff at hospital and ambulance bases

£30,000 will be split jointly between Deliveroo and Uber Eats to help them get food to NHS workers where we cannot do this. 

Should any part of our funding not be able to reach our intended target, it will be re-distributed to NHS charities. 

We're asking just one million people to give £1, we know you can do it. 

Thank you, 

Steven Mayers

Campaign organizer  

Your trust is important to us so please read the following details carefully before making a donation: 

Running of this campaign: Mr. Steven Mayers is in charge of the campaign, including the campaign on Crowdfunder and any social media channels. Steven Mayers can be reached in writing by emailing [email protected].

Donating funds: All funds should be donated via our chosen partner Crowdfunder. For complete transparency, we will not accept any donations via any other method. The campaign is being run on a keep what you raise basis to ensure that whatever we make, we can get it to the NHS as fast as possible. Once the fundraiser is complete. It will be paid from Crowdfunder into a dedicated bank account. From this point, funds will begin to be distributed as fast as possible to ensure that the money gets where it's needed fast.  Getting food and drinks to the NHS and ambulance stations will take longer as this will be split over a number of weeks, perhaps months. The donation to Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and NHS charities will be made immediately. The direct funding to West Middlesex and Chelsea and Westminister hospital may take a few days to arrange. 

Contingency: Should one section of our intended funding not be able to accept it for any reason, the money will be automatically diverted to NHS charities. 

Keeping track: Every payment will be recorded securely and receipts kept. Every penny of your donations will be accounted for and will be available to funders on request. Once the Million has been spent, all donors will receive a link to check the spreadsheet and ensure they are happy with the way the funds have been donated. We take safeguarding your money seriously and we have set out our spending plan here. Only what you see on that page, is what will be spent. If extra is raised, it will be donated to NHS charities. 

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