New Shell - Elevating Hair and Scalp Care Wellness

by Rochelle Newman in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On 4th April 2024 we successfully raised £5,640 with 200 supporters in 35 days

We're raising £5,000 to support individuals living with dry hair, sensitive scalps, and hair loss.

by Rochelle Newman in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we exceed our target, the extra funds will go towards the development of shampoos and conditioners our customers have been waiting for.

Hi, I'm Rochelle Newman, the founder and formulator of New Shell.

A hair and scalp care brand committed to elevating confidence and embracing wellness through our moisturising products. Our formulations are natural, cruelty-free and vegan.

Did you know that genetics is the biggest cause of hair loss? But diet, stress, lifestyle, styling, and illness can also play a huge part. Yet, the majority of existing brands prioritise hair health, overlooking the critical aspect of scalp health.


What Sets Us Apart?

At New Shell, we go beyond providing products just for individuals who can grow hair. 

Our unique focus extends to understanding the tenderness of a scalp where hair loss and irritation are a constant concern, whether someone can grow hair or not. 

At 15, my hair started to fall out and I was diagnosed with traction alopecia, seborrheic dermatitis, and iron deficiency anaemia. Medical products worsened my condition and this encouraged me to create a solution. 


Our products deliver extra moisture to your hair, soothing the scalp and relieve itching.

Why New Shell Is Needed?

In the UK, 15.4 million people experience hair loss, and 42% of the population is concerned about scalp issues. However, access to quality products, education, and services remains limited. Although, the global hair and scalp care market is expected to reach an estimated 121.4 billion by 2027. 

  • Those with kinky, coily, and curly hair, like myself, encounter challenges due to unique textures, leading to dryness, breakage, and more prone to scalp conditions. 
  • Individuals without hair often struggle with scalp irritation and skin damage.

Product Categories 

Separated into three areas: 

          Hair, Hair & Scalp, Scalp. 


We proudly introduce our first two products which were formulated by me and have been scientifically tested.


Sweet Sage - 3 in 1 Moisturising Hair Cream - RRP £24.99

Each tub is infused with Indian gooseberries and sage to encourage hair growth.

Pure - a Multi-Purpose Hair & Scalp Care Oil - RRP £26.99

Rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and antibacterial properties

We have been retailed in Westfields London and Somerset House, but we need your help to get to the next stage.


The Goal

Be a vital part of our crowdfunding success—let's hit our initial goal of £5,000 together! Your support will help with digital marketing (£2,000), pop-ups, events (£1,500), and securing vegan and cruelty-free certifications (£1,500). 

If we exceed our target, the extra funds will go toward development of the shampoos and conditioners our customers have been waiting for. 

About the Founder 

Rochelle Newman, is the founder and Formulator of New Shell. After she overcame her long journey of living with traction alopecia and seborrheic dermatitis, she learnt how to formulate cosmetic products. Her expertise has been featured in publications and led to a collaboration with Fitbit about her hair and fitness story1708956335_screenshot_2024-02-26_at_14.05.17.png1708956251_screenshot_2024-02-26_at_14.03.55.png

As an experienced film and TV Producer/Director, Rochelle's first BBC-commissioned documentary, 'Headstrong,' follows 13-year-old Lydia embracing her beautiful bald look after losing her hair to alopecia areata. Additionally, she featured in and directed a short documentary titled 'Our Scalps,' engaging in heartfelt conversations with three incredible women about their journeys with alopecia.1708956521_screenshot_2024-02-26_at_14.07.46.png


I currently handmake all our products. However, as we grow I've identified a UK manufacturer capable of producing our items in bulk. 




To educate and serve our community by creating moisturising hair and scalp care products. 


To revolutionise individuals understanding of their bodies through innovative products, education, and accessible services. 

We aspire to collaborate with trichologists, nutritionists, allergists, and dermatologists. 


Committed to providing natural, vegan, high-quality products that prioritise our community's health and wellness.

Giving Back 

We're are in advanced discussions to work with three significant charities. Your support helps us make a difference for those facing hair and scalp conditions. 

Join us in spreading love and positivity!

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Thank you x 


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