New Risk Free Medical Device Prototypes

by Spheroid Innovation Innovation Team in Crawley, England, United Kingdom

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Raise enough money to bring about risk free medical device prototypes.

by Spheroid Innovation Innovation Team in Crawley, England, United Kingdom

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On the 8th January 2021 we'd raised £30 with 2 supporters in 73 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

A project crowdfund aimed to support the development of medical device prototypes. If you are interested then visit the website:

Any support would be really appreciated!

We are working at the moment to obtain all permissions, funds, resources and locations to make this project R&D possible. Further details will be posted very soon!

I realize that a lot of the content may not have been completed and so I will inform you upon the completion of all publications, so at the moment the information is somewhat very brief and minimal and business logo and style are style under development, so these will also be refined for the purpose of marketing and establish a through image for business investments. 

As for the research we have been working on collating the actual plan for R&D, and if anyone wants any info feel free to email or if you want to join in from a development perspective, all good ideas are open for consideration, so do send us an email if you are interested in joining us or supporting us with the projects!

Update  (  23/12/2020  14:51  ):  Apologies for the actual video mentioning "aim to be profit free" and setting out the direction of the project as such that the net profit is zero, I recognize that we may need investors to invest into the business or some investors may want the opportunity to do so that this may have been uncalled for initially, however we implied that the business aims to be profit free eventually not initially, however this model may be challenged as well in that the business maybe open for further developments and innovation types of projects in the future as well so we will try to change that as soon as possible and maybe include that in another video some time potentially that we may have some profits that we invest in further project and investors however this will not change the price for people which I will explain further. 

The reason behind the original decision was because we recognize that often patients have other expenses to take care off and are limited in funds or may have outstanding debts and often government organizations are low on funds to be able to offer expensive treatment to people for free by paying for it, and thereby we drew on the initiative to ensure that the cost of the treatment would be minimum. 

However in this respect I the director of the company failed to recognize that any loans or grants or sponsorship or even investments are often obtained sustainably if repayments are made in the form of interest and shares. Thereby if a non profit free model is followed the business will not be sustainable for investors who receive money from profits not revenues of the business, however unfortunately we also cannot afford to make the price more than the costs of producing the products. As a solution I believe it is better and more optimal to follow another model, "minimal or above minimum optional price" where a person states their own price above a minimum price if they so wish such that they can increase the price they pay to fund further projects or they pay the minimal price that is equal to the costs that we had with "profit free" model. So as a result there are no disadvantages only advantages added from a price perspective. 

This way the investors have capacity to invest the money and obtain some money based on people who are willing to pay additional price, and people that need treatment urgently and have limited funds can purchase the product at the originally intended price and also if people find the project useful they can also donate money which will make our capacity to offer products at minimal price ever more prospective. By sponsoring this fund you enable the capacity for treatments to be offered for free upon completion of the project more likely if there is any surplus to the development costs and share repayments. 

However since I mentioned originally that the actual crowd funder is profit free you can ask for a refund if you do not agree with the original model, and I will happily provide you with it provided you show proof of such. I do apologize in advance and will accept this from anyone who wishes to be compensated and will provide the originally sponsored funds back for those individuals but thank you for being understanding in this respect. 

If anyone has any further ideas for improvement to the business model please do let me know by emailing me or calling me on 07735656777 however I do apologize in advance if the actual phone is either busy or not answered because I am in the process of a lot of conversing and planning and so may not have the opportunity to answer your phone. Thank you for reading this and considering this information and the new improvement.


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So everyone who donates will receive a proportion of the actual profit such that it is equal to the proportion of the amount that they funded for the total amount raised for the crowdfund fundraiser for the project! I am not sure how this will work but you can request such and we will figure out how to send it to you safely and securely through online payment. The reward will only apply once and by January 1st 2020 amount of profit only.

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