New practice facility and sight screen

by Veryan Cricket Club in Veryan, England, United Kingdom

New practice facility and sight screen

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We want to build a new practice facility which is safe and flexible, to encourage both experienced and novice cricketers to enjoy the game.

by Veryan Cricket Club in Veryan, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we raise more money it will enable us to buy practice equipment for everyone to use, as well as play equipment more suitable for young children such as wind balls and plastic bat/stumps etc.

As a cricket club with just one team, it is extremely difficult for us to receive charitable funding. Those pots of money quite rightly are prioritised for those clubs who have multiple teams and include youth and women's cricket. 

We have a fantastic ground at Veryan which could potentially become a hub for cricket on the Roseland. However, without basic facilities and boasting only a slender bank balance, it is tough to lay the foundations for expansion. The ultimate chicken and egg situation. 

With covid also jeopardising participation (not to mention a loss of earnings from match fees and other fund raisers), we have boldly decided to go on the front foot and give our wonderful Elerkey Lane home a much-needed facelift. 

The first element is a new practice area, requiring foundations, professionally laid concrete, good quality underlay and an artificial strip. Further to that, we need  to buy a new, enclosed mobile net which can provide a safe environment either on the practice strip, or for use on the square. 

Secondly, for match days we want to buy a sight screen to put on the bank on the top side of the pitch, as it is sometimes tricky to pick out a dark red ball being delivered against a shaded, hedged background. 

We hope the completion of these projects is the catalyst for a more welcoming, user-friendly club which will encourage a greater number of players of all ages to take part in our magnificent summer sport.

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