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by New Internationalist in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 6th April 2017 we successfully raised £703,714 with 3409 investors in 36 days

New Internationalist is running a community share offer. We invite you to become a media pioneer & buy into journalism with facts and heart.

by New Internationalist in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

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Christine Voissiere 6th April 2017

It's the most wisely spent money of 2017 as far as I'm concerned! I've been very eagerly following the progress, crossing my fingers at each and every update, only to find out you/we all did it and I'm super happy and excited to be part of this amazing initiative and adventure! Thanks for coming up with this collaborative approach and being out there with outstanding journalism! (French) Christine X

hugh-barton 6th April 2017

Fantastic - now all you have to do us deliver the plan! Seriously, heartfelt congratulations. As somebody once said "If you build it they will come". Well you built it, and we came!

Michelle Thomasson 6th April 2017

Wishing the NI team all the support you need - for factual, insightful investigative journalism that is not afraid to report on the many facets of an issue, especially those that are not usually heard.

Anna Beria 6th April 2017

I have decided to support the New Internationalist, of which I have been a subscriber for longer than I can remember, by buying shares. There's never been a greater need for independent journalism. No "alt-facts", no "fake news", just the stories and the lives of the little people who are fighting the big players to protect their livelihood, their country, their environment, our planet: join the dots and gain a better perspective on what is really going on in the world.

Lesley Conran 5th April 2017

I'm happy to support independent and balanced journalism which so essential to freedom, rights and understanding in our present dangerous world.

Ash 4th April 2017

I'm new to NI but I deeply appreciate your work! As a young activist it's really important to me that honest, independent media & news is available. I look forward to the wonderful things in NI and the world's future!

Guy Johnson 3rd April 2017

I'm so pleased and relieved at how well the share offer has gone, that I've decided to double my previous investment to celebrate, and help the great N.I. reach even more people.

Trevor O'Farrell 2nd April 2017

This is about the New Internationalist's life story not mine. However, I'm glad the tow became intertwined and long may that informative relationship continue. Many thanks for your great work now and in the future.

H Tiffany 2nd April 2017

I have read New Internationalist for over 20 years and am thrilled to be able to invest in what you do and become a new co-owner of NI! Thank you for everything, I really hope you reach the target. In a world of fake news and all that's going on right now, we need NI and the voices and solutions within it!

Josko Sestan 2nd April 2017

Funding a winning Idea is never the challenge it is holding on for dear life when all the elements come against you. When I thought (wrote about) of controlling the weather the Illuminati took it as a directive to spray the skies with chemicals hence the advent of Chemtrails how stupid are they that goes for you too Lizzy. How do you intend to manage fake Internationalists?

Richard Brook 1st April 2017

In a world where it is so easy to only consume news that is either state or commercially funded it is crucial to keep an independent voice as important as New Internationalist being heard as clearly as possible. I am proud be able to make a small contribution and I wish NI well in reaching it's goal.

rosiehayes92 29th March 2017

I <3 the New Internationalist and I'm extremely proud to be a part of this people-powered project. Best of luck in reaching your target and continuing to speak truth to power!

Julio Etchart 28th March 2017

I have been a long time contributor and friend of the New Internationalist for many decades and it is a privilege to be able to share in their, and OUR future. Hope we can all reach the target together and make it the most egalitarian and democratic media project in the world!

Tony McMullan 27th March 2017

Have been a subscriber for over 30 years. Always impressive , always challenging , always on the right side. Long may your voice be heard.

peter jones 27th March 2017

Happy to sign up. I met up with the original NI team in rural Oxfordshire way back when it started and before I left the UK for Australia so I've subscribed one way or the other over many years. You've done an incredible job, kept afloat and not been taken over by the Dirty Digger.

Levels of Investment

£50 or more

£50 Investment

FRIEND: 50 shares in New Internationalist - approx US$61

£100 or more

1167 of 1500 claimed

£100 Investment

WEARER: 100 shares in New Internationalist and one 'buy into a better story' t-shirt (100% organic cotton) - approx US$121

£200 or more

216 of 800 claimed

£200 Investment

SHARER: 200 shares in New Internationalist and two 'buy into a better story' t-shirts (100% organic cotton) - approx US$243

£250 or more

367 of 600 claimed

£250 Investment

SUBSCRIBER: 250 shares in New Internationalist and one-year free gift subscription for yourself or a friend, and a personal tweet of thanks from NI - approx US$304

£500 or more

196 of 500 claimed

£500 Investment

CLUB OF 500: 500 shares in New Internationalist and your name highlighted on the special Club of 500 investors lists in print and online! - approx US$608

£1,000 or more

120 of 200 claimed

£1,000 Investment

DESIGNER: 1,000 shares in New Internationalist and a personalised front cover printed on an A2 poster! - approx US$1,216

£2,500 or more

16 of 20 claimed

£2,500 Investment

CELEBRATOR: 2,500 shares in New Internationalist and 2 entrance tickets to our exclusive relaunch party in London - approx US$3,040

£5,000 or more

9 of 15 claimed

£5,000 Investment

READER: 5,000 shares in New Internationalist and 10 signed first edition books published by New Internationalist - approx US$6,080.

£10,000 or more

2 of 5 claimed

£10,000 Investment

INSPIRER: 10,000 shares in New Internationalist and one-day private consultancy / tuition in either global ethical journalism, design, or book publishing - approx US$12,161

£20,000 or more

0 of 3 claimed

£20,000 Investment

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: 20,000 shares in New Internationalist and gain behind the scenes access to how a magazine is commissioned and produced - including working with the editorial team to help choose the topic, help select the front cover, share ideas on content in editorial meetings and help commission articles - approx US$24,322

£30,000 or more

1 of 3 claimed

£30,000 Investment

ETHICAL ADVERTISER: 30,000 shares in New Internationalist and we'll create a tailor-made ethical advertising package that will surpass your desires - approx US$36,483

£50,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£50,000 Investment

THE LEGEND: 50,000 shares in New Internationalist and a choice of any of the above rewards - approx US$60,805

£100,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£100,000 Investment

THE LIFE MEMBER: 100,000 shares in New Internationalist, a choice of any of the other above rewards and a lifetime subscription to NI - approx US$121,622

£5,000 or more

5 of 5 claimed

£5,000 Investment

LISTENER: 5,000 shares in New Internationalist and guest lecture by a New Internationalist editor (anywhere in the UK or online for international audiences) - approx US$6,800.

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