New Generation delivers a variety of steel pan workshops, mentoring and community projects for young people and their families, in west London and across the capital.


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About us

New Generation Steel Orchestra (NGSO) is a registered charity, founded in 2019 to provide free steel pan lessons, uniforms, trips and mentoring to disadvantaged young people. We also perform and provide workshops to schools, community organisations, corporations and private functions, as well as hosting community events. We currently have 30 young people within our band, consisting of our junior and youth groups, who attend weekly steel pan pan lessons and perform all over the country. Last year our youth band performed in Nice, South of France and are set to return again, this April.


We give young people a safe space and the opportunity to achieve, and be part of a community. We keep our classes and uniforms free, to ensure that all young people are able to access our services, and have built a community of families and supporters who come together through the love of music. The opportunities and experiences provided though our work, continues to positively transform the lives of our young people, their families and their local communities.

"New Generation gives me something to do every Friday evening, instead of staying home and doing nothing. I have made life long friendships, and I enjoy exploring different genres of music and travelling," Lushan, aged 13.


The beauty of Steel Pan

The steel pan is argued to be the only instrument to be created in the 21st century, and originates from the Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Seen as an instrument birthed by resistance, steel pans are made from oils drums that are sunken, shaped, heated, and tuned to create notes. The rise of steel bands in the UK can be attributed to the Windrush Generation, many of whom had settled in the Notting Hill area of London, and are now the great-grandparents of many of our band members. The unique and magical sound of steel pan, fascinates and entertains people from all walksof life. The accessibility of the steel pan is one of its many beauties. Anybody can learn how to play a steel pan, regardless of age or ability, which makes it the perfect tool to engaged our youth. 


Paying it forward!

Joelle, founder of New Generation Steel Orchestra, began playing steel pan at age seven, with Ebony Steel Band, an internationally revered steel orchestra, Through the band, Joelle was able to see the world, achieve success and go on to find employment in adulthood. These life enriching experiences are what drove her to start New Generation Steel Orchestra; to pay forward, all that she had gained from being in a steel band as a young person. The 'pan yard' was a place which was welcoming, fun and at the same time a challenge. Joelle always had a dream to provide a safe, warm environment where children can learn steel pan, develop social skills and thrive through music.

"Things were tough growing up, and steel pan gave me an escape. The first time I ever went on a plane was a trip to the South of France to play steel pan; I was a young teen. Fast forward twenty years, and I was able to take a group of twelve young people to the South of France to perform. It was such a full circle moment, and just one of the many things I'd set out to accomplish by establishing NGSO. Many young people and their families are struggling, and I want to use steel pan to bring happiness and healing to as many lives as possible." Joelle, founder.


How can you help?

New Generation are currently, fully self funded and one of the biggest outgoings we face each year are transportation costs. Last year, (2023) we spent over £6,000 on transporting our instruments and players to trips and performances, hiring minibuses and vans every time we needed to get around. These costs prevent us from being able to afford the vital equipment and maintenance needed, to provide our services and keep our tuition free. We are seeking financial help towards a van and transportation cost

Help us to get a van!


It's been a dream (and also a necessity) to have our own van. Our steel band consists of an array of pans, from solo pans called a tenors, to seven finely tuned oil drums called bass drums, and a variety of others in between. To transport the instruments is not an easy feat and takes muscle power, space and a van. There have been many times that we've been let down by van hire companies, often only moments before a gig, forcing us to find creative solutions to ensure we do not let down our audiences - the show must go on! There have been times, however, where we've had to turn down opportunities because we simply didn't have the means to hire transportation, or we've had an issue with van hire. Our instruments are very fragile and are often damaged by us having to cram our pans into cars or vans that are too small or are unsuitable.

This year we would love to acquire our own van, as this would provide many more opportunities to perform and share our love for steel pan, far and wide. A van of our own could also be adapted to ensure the safe transportation of our instruments, minimising damage and costs. Please help us to realise our dream!

Getting to Nice 

Last year, the children were invited to perform in Nice, South of France and, for many of our young people, this was their first time leaving the UK and flying; what an experience! Nice came alive with the sounds of steel pan, bringing positive vibes and giving the residence on Nice, a taste the Caribbean. The young people were exposed to a whole new culture and were in awe are the tropical appearance of the Nice landscape and the vibrancy of the town centre, We even got to travel by train to Monaco, were the young people were inspired by the sight of luxury cars and yachts. It was a huge success and the band have been invited back again this year.


Unfortunately, despite having our accommodation provided and raising enough money for our flights, the transportation of our instruments has fallen through. We are determined to make the trip and have worked incredibly hard, raising funds through busking, workshops and our annual Christmas concert, however we still need your help. NGSO are super excited to share their talents with Nice once again, with a day trip to Cannes included, this time.

Other aways to help

All of your donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated and will make a difference. There are also other ways to support us, which include:

  • Booking the band
  • Booking a workshop
  • Sponsorship
  • Donating resources
  • Following our social media pages and sharing our content
  • Offering your services

Please contact us via email at [email protected]

Thank you so much, for your support!

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