I'm trying to raise money to replace my van home.

by Simon in Helston, England, United Kingdom

I'm trying to raise money to replace my van home.


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I'm trying to raise money to replace my van home as its becoming more expensive to repair than financially viable.

by Simon in Helston, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, I'm posting asking for advice and help.

My van, although I love it, is now costing more and more to constantly repair. 

At the moment a few vans are coming up locally which are low prices and good condition.

I've asked family, I've asked usual places. 

But now I have to publicly ask, there is a few vans around at about 1500 but I have 300 max, this isn't anything I ask lightly but is anyone or many people able to help? 

I'm not sure how much longer this vans going to last, and because I work for an agency, I need to have transport, but my transport is my home.

Are there any options, or is anyone willing to help, I'm currently working but I'm unable to save enough. Living in houses has resulted in debt and serious mental health issues. 

I've fought through suicide attempts and very severe self harm but I'm trying to stay on this upward path.

My credit rating is still low from when I had a flat and its only just starting to rise again. This means loans are obviously out of reach for me.

I'm really struggling and have exhausted all my options. 

If you can help or share it'd definitely help even the smallest amount.

 I'm really trying to keep in work and keep heading the right direction but without transport, I'm not sure how long I can keep this up.

Thanks for reading such a long post.


Somebody has offered to lend £ 1100 to be repayed slowly. So I'll be editing the amount to £400 needed. Thanks for your support so far! 

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