Natural Flood Management & Wet Woodland Creation

by Samantha Kenyon in St. Asaph, Wales, United Kingdom

Natural Flood Management & Wet Woodland Creation


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Donate to create a biodiverse flood basin & wet woodland. Lets slow the flow for community, restore habitat & for cleaner river water.

by Samantha Kenyon in St. Asaph, Wales, United Kingdom

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Jane Letts 9th February 2022

HI Sam, I thought your presentation to the natural flood management course this morning was absolutely brilliant and wish you the very best of luck with your project to create a flood storage area

Emil Jakob 21st December 2021

Truly inspiring. AFAIK the first farmer initiated carr/gwern wood meadow restoration project in N Wales. All power to your elbow, Sam. Would be great to see similar along the rivers of Eyri, I sure hope others follow your lead.

Sorcha Lewis 2nd December 2021

💚🚜💦🐛🦋🌼🌳epic work Sam .... What a great on the ground bottom up way of addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis .... Farming matters x best of luck

nigelspugh 1st December 2021

Those that can afford it, can contribute to protecting Welsh communities form increasing floods, whilst helping to replenish our much loved nature.


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For local supporters or those passing through - A box of our farm fresh eggs from our pasture raised hens. Our hens are part of our mission to regenerate our soils and breathe life back in to everything green and carbon sequestering. Our egg mobiles help us to feed our soils and plants with organic matter straight from the chicken to the land! Sorry to those further afield - eggs don't travel well in the post!

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A jar of delicious honey from our hives - just like all our livestock, the bees play a vital role in the life cycle of plants here on the farm. They are part of the vital tapestry we're growing to sequester carbon, produce nutrient rich food and give nature a place to thrive.

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£20 Farm Gift Voucher - can be used to treat you or a loved one to any of the following: eggs, honey, vegetables, lamb, goat meat, mutton or put it towards next years Christmas Turkey!

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A box of our pasture raised, high welfare welsh lamb. Our small flock plays an important role in regenerating fresh leaf growth amongst our herb and flower rich pastures. Managing them carefully with conservation grazing in mind, means we've been able to bring a small but mighty old flower meadow back to blooming richness. We're able to create deeper root growth, and so healthier land, by mimicking natural grazing patterns with our healthy flock.

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£1000 Reward

Choose from either a box of our popular slow grown and high welfare goat meat, or an organically tanned sheepskin rug. Our small herd of goats are our natural weed control - just so long as we can keep them out of the hedges! These characters help our pastures to thrive and give newly planted willow trees a reason to regenerate - the old way of feeding tree hay throughout winter to ruminants gives a brilliant health boost during the cold season.

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