My dream wedding day

by Popsalice in Goole, England, United Kingdom

My dream wedding day
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Lee are raising money towards our dream wedding, we are hoping to finally bring some luck into our lives and hopefully help on the costs

by Popsalice in Goole, England, United Kingdom

Me and my partner met in 2016 (8 years ago) I was deeply struggling with the tragic loss of my father and he was in a rut.
when we found each other every day that went past we slowly started to blossom.

Unfortunately we had some heart brakes over the years we have multiple miscarriages, family members have been lost along the way, however we made it through to the other side together, when we finally was able to conceive we gave birth to our little boy, he’s change our lives for the better.

I finally have gotten diagnosed with autism, currently still struggling with how to process that news. I am able to talk about my beloved father ( who passed away from a brain hemorrhagic) and we now live In a little house together as a family, 

we don’t have much support however we do have each other, debts are high at the moment and we are slowly paying them off,

we are hoping to give mummy ( me) the same last name as our rainbow baby, he sometimes questions why mummy isn’t the same as daddy, it’s heart braking we want to try our best to bring our miracle baby boy up to be the best he can be and the wedding help would be the best start for us all.

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