The Movement Forward Election War Chest

by Forward Democracy (MVTFWD) in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

The Movement Forward Election War Chest

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Help us compete with the major parties to give millions of a voters an independent non-party platform to be heard at the general election.

by Forward Democracy (MVTFWD) in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

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Mobilising millions of disenfranchised voters to become a movement.

Every election, millions of voters show up, desperately using their votes in an attempt to keep the worst people out of parliament.

Unable to vote for the policies they want and the people they believe in, because of our First Past The Post elections.

13 million are willing to lend their votes to opposition parties this election, but want their votes earned next time.

Every election they go forgotten and ignored, even though they help winning progressive parties into power.

By giving voters the tactical voting tool they need to be effective like never before we'll empower them to do two things.

ONE - Make global news by reducing the Tories to rubble, demonstrating a huge rejection (that's always been there every election) totally changing the game and drawing the gaze of the new government.

TWO - Give them community as part of a voting bloc, like a union, that sticks together and uses it's votes as political power to support bold policies our country needs.

Both of these also have the effect of reducing the power of our abusive media that's been shaping our narrative and directing national policy for decades. 

There are also millions of young voters who could come and dominate the narrative of the election and the future of our politics.

15 million under the age of 35, that polling shows are already rejecting the right wing, and just need a reason to show up. That reason is if their votes will count (tactical voting)

2.4 million of those will be new young voters who were too young to vote in 2019. They alone could dominate the outcome.

We're building the only network of influential advocates and content creators

For 3 years we've been reaching out to anyone vocal about change, and with an audience, and bringing them on board.

We've also been building a network of skilled digital volunteers we're putting into action. Designers, comms strategists, videographers, technologists, data analysts, and more.

We've helped over 600k people vote tactically in the past two local elections with volunteer time and modest crowdfunding. We've shown the huge appetite for tactical voting, but also the potential to create a voting bloc of smart voters who know their power.

Imagine what we could achieve with a full time team and a budget to go big.

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