Manchester United: MUST campaign for fan ownership

by Manchester United Supporters Trust in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Manchester United: MUST campaign for fan ownership


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There is only one love and that is Manchester United Football Club. Help us to get it back under ownership of people who truly love it.

by Manchester United Supporters Trust in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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Tor Arne Thingvoll Oppedal 21st May 2021

Have been in love whit this club since 96/97. So yes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer whas the main reason why I became a fan! He is no our main man, our team-builder, our leader who will bring the United DNA further if he gets financial support! So we need everybody to push together to get the Glazers out! I have NO trust in them and their "goodwill" plans for Manchester United Football Club! Best Regards from Voss in Norway.

Gaurav Srivastava 20th May 2021

I am die hard Red.. have been supporting our club since childhood.. Have seen Galzers suck money out of our club. We kept on winning after 2005 because Glazers sh$$ their pants in front of Sir Alex. But as soon as he left they installed their puppet Woodward and everything fell apart. Woodward going out is not enough.. Glazers have to go out.. We have to get back our club or have an invest$$ who doeant disrespects the fans and cares about our club. Even if it is a sheikh.. we need someone ready to invest money to make us better than City...

Michael Regan 16th May 2021

We need to maintain momentum against these owners this time to get them out. The Glazers want to divide us and keep extracting cash for as long as they can get away with it. They've had an easy ride from the UK mainstream media who have enjoyed United's decline under then. We cannot allow them to move another 1.8bn out of the club over the next 15 years which is the minimum they will seek to extract if we don't get them out.

Michael Taylor 16th May 2021

We MUST continue to go for fan ownership or 51% minium , we MUST find legal way to rid the club of Glazier parasites who are destroying our club without any feeling to the club or the heart of the club the fans.

Frances Turton 16th May 2021

I am right behind you with this we need to have owners who want to feel part of the club and buy it for the right reasons eg the love of a marvellous football club.

Jess 15th May 2021

Thank you for all the great work! I am a fan in United States and I too want my voice and many other international fans voices to be heard

Marie Larkman 14th May 2021

Iv supported united over 50 years it’s not just a club it’s part of us and it’s time to reclaim it from the imposters who just want to milk it for all they can get out of it ! This is our best opportunity to date to get it back keep fighting for it reds #onelove #UnitedagainstGlazers #Glazersout

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