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by Fiona Veitch in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th March 2021 we successfully raised £5,021 with 75 supporters in 48 days

Bringing together musicians to create their musical stories; to learn, play, experience, and shop everything music, in one website.

by Fiona Veitch in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

With more funds we'll be able to execute our ambitious marketing plans and enable more musicians to benefit from the site. We will be able to speed up software development and create more opportunities for musical organisations and individuals to benefit. Plus through more bookings on site we'll generate more money for our Talent Fund.  

Update:  Join the Music Stories Live Launch Concert, 2.30pm on Sunday 25th April.  

Meet and see them perform live on Zoom:  Jonathan Radford (Saxophone), Emily Sun (Violin), Mariya Kaganskaya (Opera), Lydia Griffiths (Oboe) and Lyrit Milgram Violin) and Violeta Vicci (Violin).

Donate just £15 to access this amazing afternoon of music! 

Who are we?

I'm Fiona, an amateur musician. I started piano at a young age, but my real passion is the violin which I continue to play in Camden Symphony Orchestra. I have held various leadership roles in marketing over the last 18 years. 

I'm bringing my business experience together with my passion for music to launch Music Stories.

I'm working with a brilliant team of creative, tech, business people and musicians to launch Music Stories in March 2021.

What is Music Stories?

Music Stories was born from our own experience as amateur musicians, struggling to find a music teacher online. We struggled to find a good website which presented music teachers well, helped you choose between music teachers or helped develop our musical interests.

Music Stories brings together different elements of the music industry; “Learn”, “Play”, “Experience” and “Shop” and creates a space designed for musicians by musicians.

  • Learn: find and book a music teacher directly on site
  • Play: connect and network with other musicians
  • Experience: find musical performances, masterclasses, music weekends and other online experiences
  • Shop: find your nearest music shop or shop online for everything music

Using the latest digital marketing and business strategies to match musicians with the services and products they are looking for we are creating a commercially viable platform for music teachers and performers to thrive.

And to help musicians realise their dreams!


Who is Music Stories for?

We want all sorts of talented musicians to benefit from the site.

  • Professional musicians: You might be a talented performer from the Royal College of Music who wants to get additional pupils to teach, or you might be a fantastic jazz improvisation musician who wants to help others get into jazz! We will verify all qualifications claimed to ensure the integrity of the site but welcome all different types of talent. Music teachers and performers use Music Stories to showcase their experience, attract amateur musicians and fill their diaries with bookings.
  • Amateurs: The main users of the site will be amateur musicians who are looking for lessons or experiences to help their playing. 
  • Parents: Mums and dads will appreciate the convenience of booking online for their children and finding everything in one place.
  • Gifting: We will be attracting music lovers buying lessons or products as gifts.

Jonathan Radford, International Saxophonist says, "Music Stories creates a fantastic marketing platform for musicians.  Each music teacher or performer sets up a “shop window” which enables them to offer online lessons, in person lessons, masterclasses, performances, or any other music related services they would like to offer.  

As a musician if you already have a busy schedule, the booking and payment system is useful.  If you are looking to expand your offering or number of bookings, it is a great place to be. And Music Stories helps to manage cancellations so that you won’t lose out". 


What is unique about Music Stories?

With our intelligent marketing we will attract those who will really benefit from using the site.   We stand out from other “tutor sites” with the following:

  • Our unique categorisation of teachers, easy search filters and great design showcase our talented teachers and make it easy for musicians.
  • Music teachers can create their own “shop window” and set up products or services for people to book directly on site, e.g. lessons, online performances, group classes, other services online or in person.
  • Booking, payment, cancellations and diary management are integrated and easy. 
  • Users are part of the Music Stories Community and benefit from all areas of the site and the network.
  • We build relevant content around the musicians, with everything in one place to help people create their musical stories.

We believe in Accessibility, Inclusivity, Collaboration and Music Education to fill the world with more music, musician by musician.

How we will use the money raised?

We are using our own funds to get the website started, but our ambitious growth plans need your support!

We will invest to get the word out about Music Stories. We will invest in the features of highest value to musicians and teachers alike. And we will create content to help grow quickly. 

Your investment will speed up the development of the site, boost our marketing and help create a unique platform to support musicians during lockdown and beyond. 


Our Talent Fund

Our transactions through the site have a 1% Talent Fund accrual, which creates a pot of money for Music Stories users to apply to, to help them with their musical story. The bigger the success of the site, the more money we will raise to support talent!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£15 or more

Free Ticket to the Live Launch Concert on Zoom!

Donate £15 or more and you will get sent a link to the Music Stories Live Launch Concert, 2.30pm on Sunday 25th April. Five of our super talented artists will be performing from their own homes live on Zoom! Meet and listen to Jonathan Radford, (Saxophone), Emily Sun (Violin), Mariya Kaganskaya, (Singing), Lydia Griffiths (Oboe) and Lyrit Milgram (Violin).

£10 or more

Music Stories Stickers

A pack of Music Stories stickers!

£50 or more

No Set Up fee or Your First Lesson Free!

For Music Teachers / Performers: No set up fee OR For Musicians: Your first lesson FREE booked on Music Stories. (plus for all, a pack of the infamous Music Stories stickers)

£100 or more

Commission Free Bookings or 2 Free Lessons

For Music Teachers/ Musicians: No Set Up Fee + first 10 bookings are commission free (usual charge 12.5%+VAT on all bookings). OR For Musicians: 2 free lessons to book on Music Stories! (plus for all, a pack of the infamous Music Stories stickers)

£500 or more

Partner of the Site or 10 Free Lessons

For Partners (music retailers music auctioneers, music schools, or music venues applicable only): Free for the year advertising to the Music Stories database through our Partner Programme OR For Music Teachers/ Performers: No set-up fee and receive commission free bookings for 6 months (usual charge is 12.5%+ VAT on all bookings). OR For Musicians: 10 free lessons to book on Music Stories! (plus for all Music Stories Stickers!)

£1,000 or more

Official Sponsor with 1 year free advertising

Be an official sponsor of the site, accessing the ability to feature on Music Stories as a music teacher, music retailer or music service for free for a year (without fees or commission charges) plus be involved in supporting the Talent Fund and helping the team make Music Stories a success. OR if you're a musician receive 20 free lessons! (Plus, you will get a few more Music Stories stickers as well to share with musical friends..

£2,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Sponsor of "Music Stories Live" in Schools

Official Sponsor of "Music Stories Live" in Schools. Be the brand behind the sponsored live online performances for school children to inspire the next generation. These monthly concerts will introduce instruments and be a combination of performing and teaching.

£5,000 or more

Official Patron of Music Stories

Your name will be promoted against the award of your choice given out from the Talent Fund annually. In addition you will have the ability to feature on Music Stories website as long as you wish.

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