Môr Adventure. More To Life.

by Môr Adventure in Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

Môr Adventure. More To Life.

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As a team, we have 1 vision for Môr Adventure; to establish ourselves as the number 1 inclusive outdoor activities provider in Wales!

by Môr Adventure in Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

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 Môr Adventure, More to life.


3 Men. 1 Dream. To build a sustainable, outdoor activity business that is accessible for all in the local community and afar !


 Our aim for the company is to allow children from all walks of life to be able to access the outstanding benefits of outdoor activities. Môr adventure is a mobile outdoor activity provider that tailors’ packages to suit the needs of all.

 Consumer research has shown us that many children and parents find Water Sports such as Surfing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding and other outdoor activities inaccessible due to costs, convenience, personal situations and disabilities.

 We at Môr Adventure believe that it should be accessible to each and every individual. Once we open for business, Môr Adventure we will be offering packages to suit every individual’s needs. 

We have identified the following type of organisations that we want to engage with to give children and adults the fantastic experience of enjoying outdoor activities.

 Charities: We are excited to have already begun discussions regarding future collaborations with several charitable organisations that offer support to disabled children and adults, unpaid carers – both young and old, people with long term health conditions and more. 

Schools: Having been lucky enough to have been given opportunities to explore the outdoors ourselves when we were in full time education, a key element of our offering is working with schools in a variety of capacities.

 Local Authorities, Challenging Behavioural Units and Additional Learning Needs Settings: All of our staff team have extensive experience of supporting young people with additional learning needs and those that have been in care for part or all of their lives. Working alongside local authorities to deliver our range of programs to these young people will be a key pillar in our business.

 Summer Adventures: We are all passionate about providing opportunities for disadvantaged young people. We plan on developing several project based learning activities that young people can engage with throughout their school holidays.

 Môr Adventure are at the start of an exciting journey. We have identified key pillars of our growing business but will always be open to engaging with new client bases and opportunities. To start a conversation, we very much welcome you to get in touch with us. What we will offer Alongside a comprehensive service that will include transport and equipment as well as instruction from our highly qualified, experienced team, Môr Adventure will soon be providing a range of services to suit the needs of all, as identified above. Within the local community and afar, activities such as Surfing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Coaststeering, Gorge Walking are readily available and we cannot wait to start!

Meet the team



 Môr Adventure is led by 3 directors. Whilst working together in senior positions at a Children’s Residential home, a growing feeling of frustration regarding outdoor activities being inaccessible to many, simply because of identified social, emotional, behavioural and/or physical difficulties. Having spoken extensively about a shared vision for the future of these children, we began developing the concept of Môr Adventure. Whilst engaging with organisations such as Business for Wales, our dream has started to become a reality and we hope to soon start combining our passion of helping others and our love of the outdoors. 

The Team:




As a child I grew up in rural Spain, with no mains electric, gas or running water. This is where my love of the outdoors began, from camping in the wilderness to exploring rivers and forests. That was until my life came to a halt at the age of 15, my kidneys had failed, and I needed a transplant. I quickly began the gruelling journey of regular dialysis treatment whilst waiting for a donor organ to become available. Being 15 and stuck on dialysis for 3 days a week. On the days where I did not have dialysis I was left feeling weak and exhausted, like I couldn’t do anything and lacking motivation to try. It was at this point my parents started to get me back outdoors. I soon realised that this helped me both emotionally and physically and I was quickly starting to feel more like myself. In 2008 I finally received my transplant and a year later I moved back to the UK and began working as a support worker for disabled children and adults, trying to find a way to give back. Unfortunately, my kidney failed again and after many complications I was back on Dialysis. Thankfully, I lived close to the sea at this point, and I fell in love with all things water sports. I found both my mental and physical health improved greatly whilst out on the water. After yet another transplant I was back in work, this time in a children’s residential home. It was here that I first met Ben and Danny and our vision for Môr Adventure started to formulate. I believe that our ideas have the potential to form into a profitable and beneficial company to the entire community. With our determination to succeed and our aim of accessing some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach members of our community, we can change lives and show children and adults regardless of their circumstances that they can achieve their goals. 





As a young child I’ve always loved the outdoors. Growing up in Cornwall, I was lucky enough to be by the sea every day and have always felt drawn to the water. I’ve always dreamt of working by the sea, doing activities such as kayaking and surfing. I’ve worked in social care, with disadvantaged children for 9 years and I have watched it change drastically over the years. During this time, I have seen the lack of services available for disadvantaged people to access the outdoors and more complex activities. This needs to change! I strongly believe that outdoor activities should be accessible to all. I have witnessed the impact these activities have on adults and children alike, seeing how they naturally form stronger bonds and relationships through these activities. So, I thought, why don’t we get a business started, where we can offer a range of outdoor activities that are accessible to all. After a few months of lengthy discussions with both Will and Danny it became apparent that we all had similar strong beliefs of how the company should be run and what our aims would be, sustainability, accessibility and a focus on supporting hard to reach children and adults to get out on the water and provide them with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. 



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Throughout my life I have always enjoyed trying new outdoor pursuits and sports. I have had the opportunity to experience a variety of activities throughout my travels around the world, providing me with some of the best experiences of my life thus far. During my travels around the world, I have had the opportunities to teach many outdoor activities to children, allowing me to be able to see, first hand, how the outdoors can improve the lives of children both physically and emotionally. Having met my colleagues whilst working in a residential children’s home I saw the lack of opportunities that these children had, specifically the opportunities that I had growing up. I felt the need to try and change this and so with the support of Will and Ben we started to form Môr Adventure. 

What will the crowdfunded money go towards

To develop and establish Môr Adventure, we plan to utilise all donations to purchase specific equipment to provide fun and safe activities on and off the water.

Specialist equipment to allow young people with disabilities to access the activities is a key component to us being successful. It is our firm belief that Môr Adventure is a sustainable company.

 We are currently in the process of acquiring our Green Growth Pledge, that identifies that we are taking all actions possible to become a clean and green company. Additionally, we have also started the process of getting our Red Pledge which is an equality pledge, to create a fair and diverse workplace. 

We hope that we have made the Môr Adventure vision clear and implore you to help us, to help our local community. We are extremely excited to start enabling access to outdoor opportunities for young people in our area to receive, regardless of their individual circumstances.

 Thank you for taking the time to read our story, we really appreciate it and we look forward to working with you in the future. 


 Môr Adventure, More to life. 


Will, Ben and Danny


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Any activity of your choice, that we offer for 4 hours and a stylish Môr Adventure T-shirt. Plus entry into prize draw for a Nintendo Switch!

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