Help MPs struggling on their paltry £82k salary!

Help MPs struggling on their paltry £82k salary!


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Started on 9th November 2021 London, UK

Our heroic MPs are desperately struggling.

Did you know that our mighty elected representatives are forced to live on a paltry salary of just under £82,000 a year?

Because of their desperately low wages, MPs are also entitled to claim taxpayer-funded expenses - which can fund rent and utility bills on their second homes, plus cover transport costs to and from work.

But it's clearly not enough. Nobody should be forced to survive on just two and a half times the average UK salary (plus expenses).

Unsurprisingly, numerous MPs have been forced to take second, third, and even fourth jobs just to make ends meet.

But now, the voting public are trying to stop politicians from taking extra jobs - all because of one bad apple (who may or may not have broken the rules ever so slightly)!

The horrific poverty that our hardworking MPs are forced to endure is already enough to make any sane person sick to their stomach. But, without the hugely important lifeline of extra jobs, our gallant politicians would be forced into even more harrowing conditions (if that's even imaginable).

Speaking to the Financial Times today, one anonymous backbench MP outlined the desperate reality that now faces them, stating (presumably through anguished tears):

"There’s no way I could be an MP without my outside interests. My wife works full time, I’ve got kids and need the money for childcare."

Surely no ordinary person could ever understand such monstrous hardship.

That's why we're raising money - to help politicians in need.

In April, the hard work and dedication of our elected representatives will see the minimum wage soar to a whopping £9.50 an hour - meaning that ordinary people will now only have to work 8,624 hours each year (or 165 hours a week) to earn an MP's basic £81,932 salary.

And, despite recently cutting Universal Credit by £20 a week and raising National Insurance - decisions which will hurt the lowest earners the hardest - nobody could possibly understand financial hardship more than our desperately underpaid elected representatives.

So, now we're asking you to give something back - to reward the selfless work and relentless dedication of our MPs with a little bonus to help them pay the bills.

Your contribution could be enough ensure an MP won’t go hungry - or, at least, that they’ll have enough champagne and caviar to last them the month.

MPs don't just fritter away their money on luxuries like flat-screen TVs or avocado toast like some demographics - they simply don't get paid anywhere near enough in the first place.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: You may have noticed a slightly sarcastic tone to this crowdfunder - and that’s because it is.

Despite their whining, MPs clearly earn more than enough to put food on the table - unlike so many of their constituents.

That’s why all proceeds of this crowdfunder will actually go to the Trussell Trust - a charity set up to support the UK’s ever-increasing network of food banks (institutions which are only necessary due to the heartless decisions of our astoundingly out of touch elected representatives).

Please give generously - because our MPs sure as hell won't.

Cheers, the Evolve Politics team.


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Won’t somebody think of their children, to feed each of whom they only receive a measly £5,500 per year on top of their salary, expenses, and donations. When is Marcus Rashford going to campaign for these suffering sprogs of the elite? It’s all very well being woke about starving kids whose parents are having universal credit cut to stop them lazing about on only two or three jobs to get by, but it’s hateful discrimination to overlook some very important children who might be missing out on the precious care only a nanny can give, or not getting a pony.

11th November 2021 at 1:00pm
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