Department Store Scavenger Hunt Guide Tour Mob App

by Moving Tours in Richmond, England, United Kingdom

Department Store Scavenger Hunt Guide Tour Mob App
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Take users on a physical tour of a department store, through a series of game instructions, presented in high quality creative media content

by Moving Tours in Richmond, England, United Kingdom


In the 1920s, a group of organised female pick-pocketers, under the name of Alice Diamond & The 40 Elephants, operated in the large department stores of London's West End, mostly Selfridges and Harrods. Their lives have been thoroughly researched and recorded in the book under the same title, narrated by the creator of this Fundraiser. You can listen to it through the link attached. Alice Diamond & The 40 Elephants on Audible

This mobile app guided tour will take the user through and around the chosen store (in the first guide, Harrods), giving them a selection of carefully designed tasks, which will send them on a thoughtfully mapped out 'scavenger hunt', uncovering hidden brand gems, through the digitally interactive games. The tasks will be presented in the fictionalised enactment of the stories of Alice Diamond and the 40 Elephants, by professional actors, in the combination of B&W and silent films, taking the shopper through a visually stimulating and immersive experience of the Victorian era, brought to the present-day fashion consumer. The picture at the top of this text is a prototype of the visual feel of the digital tour guidance, while the image is of the creator of this Fundraiser, who will enact the role of the narrator and protagonist, Lilian Rose Kendall, known as The Bob-Haired Bandit. A demo of a B&W scene will be available for viewing soon, containing the task of 'What is the name of the one who says: "Look on my works and depart", in the Central Escalators?' The footage will be followed by the clue such as this:


The user will then be presented with the space to enter their answer or skip to the next task. The choice between the correct answer or skipping the answer will determine the next challenge, which will vary in difficulty, accordingly.

The user will be in the character of Detective Sergeant George Cornish, known for his career-long search for Alice Diamond and her crime syndicate. In unravelling the clues, tasks and finds, the user will be coming closer to the arrests in the narrative they map out, with their own choices. There is no time limit to 'playing the tour', which can be done over many days, months or years, by simply pausing it and continuing at their own convenience. 

Most of the other tasks will feature the existing department store brands, by guiding the user to find obscure items, ask questions to find out information or interact with the displays in the manner encouraged by the retailers. For example, they may be presented with an image and asked to find the shop; or they may have to find out the year a brand was founded; or design their personalised item.

The digital tour will also contain a tasteful selection of brand promotional material, such as haute couture fashion shows, short films and designer exhibitions, which they can soak up in the game intervals, at one of the department store's many bars and restaurants.

Disclaimers will be included at frequent intervals, that the tour strongly discourages all forms and levels of theft; and works closely with the department store to promote lawful shopping and report any signs of abuse, damage or burglary.

The guided tours will be sold at £10 per game per mobile device.

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