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On 8th June 2017 we successfully raised £230,220 with 3876 supporters in 51 days

To help elect a new generation of MPs on June 8 to fight for a more united, less divided Britain.

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mikea 29th May 2017

I've never before been overly politically-minded, but that changed primarily due to the fact that I was so shocked, sickened and saddened by the Brexit Referendum... this is the first time I have ever spoken out... it's a gross misunderstatement to say that I'm dismayed and disappointed by the direction in which our nation is heading... I believe that Sir Winston Churchill, arguably one of our country's greatest ever leaders, would be 'turning in his grave' now that one of his goals of European unity, peace and solidarity is in jeopardy. I am continually amazed, puzzled and left aghast when I hear the inane and effectively meaningless and erroneous quotes of "Brexit means Brexit" and "The people have spoken"... these 'people' were not 52% pf the population... they were 37% of the Electorate who bothered to vote, a large proportion of which, let's face it, must have been persuaded to vote Leave by a surfeit of lies and misinformation. I know of people who voted Leave in response to the number of immigrants from the Asian sub-continent, the West Indies and Africa?!... their level of ignorance in relation to the Commonwealth, as opposed to EU nations, is boundless... this ignorance was further matched by voters who felt that it was a way to 1) ensure the UK's withdrawal from the Eurovision Song Contest; 2) ensure England's non-participation in European Football Championships so that their partners would not 'hog' the TV; 3) ensure their ability to buy British eggs; 4) ensure their right to buy a 'curly' cucumber;... the list of stupid, ill-founded and racist reasons was practically limitless... these are the 'people' who have spoken, and for whom 'Brexit means Brexit'?! Were it not such a serious subject with a potentially disastrous outcome, it would be comical... but it's not funny... these are indicative of the 37%... would we be happy to send our lads to war based on a 37% vote, composed of such 'lunatic fringe' elements?... I think not, yet here we are facing one of the most momentous times in our nation's recent history, and I can't help but feel powerless to stop the majority of the population being pushed over into the 'abyss' by the 37%. Moreover, I cannot help but wonder if there is some kind of hidden agenda surrounding this disastrous course... we're deliberately being kept in the dark... the Prime Minister, herself a former Remainer, together with her clownish and dishonest cohorts, appears hell-bent on steering our 'ship' into the Brexit 'iceberg’. Those MPs, regardless of party, who, even at the risk of being punished by their party's whips/leaders, vote with their consciences in the best interests of our nation are the ones who should be supported, as ably commented on by Caroline Repton and others. The initial fault lies with the apathetic Electorate who did not vote last June, never for one second believing that such an outlandish result could occur. However, this is now being compounded by 'sound-bites'/interviews from reasonable-sounding former Remainers, basically saying that "It's happened; it's what the 'people' want; let's just get on with it"... am I missing the point here, or, to draw another lesson from history, even though I am aware of the danger of using the man's name in any argument, does this not smack of 'appeasement'?... pre-WWII, should our great nation have decided "Let this Hitler bloke have Poland and carry on... it's nothing to do with us... he can't be that bad, and it'll be alright in the end"? This appears to be the ethos and thinking behind the apparent refusal to consider the possible dangers of Brexit. Should the unimaginable actually happen, and in line with Gareth Underhill's comment, I also do not wish to be regarded by our younger and future generations as someone who could have voiced their opinion and done something to secure their future security and prosperity, but chose not to do so. Albeit the world's fifth largest economy, we are a small island nation that does not practically own our electricity, gas and water companies, and we are heavily reliant on imports (and exports)... we are not wholly self-reliant!... this is not a wise move to deliberately distance ourselves from our European partners, especially in these troubled times. I agree with Andy Payne's and Alexandria Walsh's comments that despite 'unity' rightly being proclaimed, we, the Remainers, are being ignored... the damage done in dividing our nation is, I fear, practically irreparable, and I do worry about what the future holds for us. This is why I support More United's General Election Fund. On a final point, I agree with Alexandria Walsh's comment... "Let the beginning of June be the end of May!" is a great slogan!

Alexandria walsh 21st May 2017

At last I feel like my vote can actually make a difference in this election! Thanks to all at MORE UNITED for all your hard work behind the scenes. The need for unity has never been more important! I would also like to say that ROSSY,s post is fabulous and shud be our tag line " let the beginning of June be the end of May". I would love to see that written on the side of a bus!!

David Allen 21st May 2017

Everybody please remember there are millions of us holding UK (EU) citizenship who regard mainland Europe as our home. That's where we live and where we surely have the right not to be stripped of our EU citizenship and all that goes with it.

Sarah Side 17th May 2017

As a member of the 48% and voter in a safe Tory seat, I am very pleased that More United will direct my small donation to help in seats where there is a chance of beating the Tories. This is a great project!

Steve Wilcockson 14th May 2017

Very happy to support More United ! An organization that cuts across party lines, is genuinely progressive, and above all appreciates the interconnectedness of the world, and the good and bad it brings. We can enjoy the benefits and troubleshoot the problems better together.

Fiona 14th May 2017

Steven, electoral reform should go hand-in-hand with the desire for a more 'collaborative' politics, so I agree we should aspire to have all candidates commit to it. In fact, it was one of the original proposed policies on the first website, and one of the reasons I signed up. I'm guessing it's not seen as something we can insist on for this particular election, but we should still prioritise candidates that do support it, especially as a debate on the subject was secured before Parliament dissolved. On a bit of a tangent, and I know there are rules when it comes to reallocating money donated for a particular purpose, but should More United be using some of our clout to make sure that people have registered to vote? In particular, the young and students who move around more and tend to be under-represented.

Stevan Djacich 9th May 2017

Stevan Djacich Wouldn´t it be usefull to add to the values PR. That way a potential MP would have to commit to something tangible.

Elizabeth 7th May 2017

I echo the need for a 'new politics' to unite those of us who support progressive values and policies. Thanks to More United for leading the way in funding and supporting progressive candidates beyond party affiliation. It's a refreshing approach which appeals to all of us 'non-tribal' voters !

Jackie Ballard 23rd April 2017

A vital campaign - this is the most important election in my lifetime - the future of the Uk is at stake here. More parochially, I hope More United will support the candidate best placed to beat Kate Hoey in Vauxhall.

Fiona 22nd April 2017

This is such an important project, with excellent long-term aims that will be useful beyond this election, but I am grateful that the founders had the foresight to start the project last Summer, so we're not facing this snap election from a cold start. I am mindful that most of the work is being done on a voluntary basis in the spare time of people who are already very busy, none of whom were given advance warning of the election (I assume). I'm sure loads is going on behind the scenes, and a lot of work is required before we get official news on potential candidates etc, but hopefully we'll get a few updates along the way.

Paul Wilding 22nd April 2017

Have you thought about how to target this funding? Focuissing on a small number of marginal seats would have the biggest impact:

rossy 20th April 2017

Thanks to the organisers of More United for giving us a chance to project opposition to May and the Right wing press. Lets make the beginning of June the end of May

Roddy Jones 20th April 2017

More United's message will struggle to be heard above the stranglehold the rabid right wing tabloid press but by supporting this noble cause, I feel I am helping to provide a glimmer of light in our selfish and divided society .

Caroline Repton 20th April 2017

Keep up the good work! We have to form a massive alliance across the country to oust this crazy Tory government that is risking all our futures by plunging headlong off a cliff! We need to elect a new, progressive government, possibly formed of a coalition of parties including Labour, Lib Dems, Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru, and maybe even more open-minded members of the Tory party, that will focus on the issues that matter - fighting climate change, staying in the EU, maintaining peace and prosperity in the UK, Europe and the world; helping the poor, disabled and disadvantaged; welcoming refugees; keeping the NHS safe from privatisation and the media safe from press barons; creating jobs, especially in sectors like renewable energy; fighting corporate power. We are stronger together, and now is our chance to win! Spread the word.

Andy Payne 19th April 2017

This is the future. We have a prime minister who tells us we need unity, yet takes no notice of any of the 48% and is pushing us to a very hard Brexit.

Jonathan Truscott 18th April 2017

I'm supporting More United rather than joining a single political party as their's is probably a more effective approach focussing on winnable seats while being true to my values. It's a new kind of politics for a new kind of general election.

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