More United Crowdfund

by More United in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 21st December 2017 we successfully raised £97,591 with 2486 supporters in 21 days

To work with the 34 MPs backed by More United to make sure they have as big an impact as possible in Parliament.

by More United in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thanks to people like you, More United has already begun to make a huge difference in politics.  But it's time to step up our ambition and impact. 

Some of our backers have pledged to give More United £25,000 if  - and only if - we can match that through crowdfunding.  

So when you donate, every pound you give will be doubled until we reach our target.  This combined force will kick start our next phase of action to transform British politics.

What will I get?

If you donate any amount at all, you will become a member of More United, with the right to vote on every single candidate and MP we back, as well as other big decisions.

If you donated in our first crowdfund last year, now is your chance to renew your membership so you can stay part of the movement.


What’s More United's story?

Last year, thousands of people took charge and launched something totally new.

More United started as an idea that politics could be done differently. Our mission? To back people, not parties. We find good politicians from all parties, help them get elected and give them the power to make an impact in Parliament.

With the sheer power of our movement behind them, those MPs can do more; take bolder decisions, tackle the big issues and stop the extremism forces poisoning our democracy.

We were blown away by the support for this idea and how much people were prepared to do to make it happen. 

Today, we're a movement of 100,000 people, we raised half a million pounds and helped to elect 34 MPs from 4 different parties.


What next?

That was just the start. Our next phase is much more ambitious.

We need to activate this plan quickly. We’ve got the strategy; now we need the funds to make it a success.

  • Give the 34 MPs the power to have a bigger impact in Parliament right now on issues. MPs have the power to change things, but they need money and volunteers to succeed. We’ll build a powerbase of support for MPs that cuts across tribal boundaries to help them take on big issues, like Europe, the NHS and the rise of extremism in politics.
  • Ensure the MPs take on board our ideas on issues facing Britain. If we are to help the MPs have more impact, we need them to know the issues that matter to us. We’ll use tech to make your views, your ideas and your priorities better represented by those in power.
  • Grow our movement. The bigger we become, the more power we will have. Together, we’ll be able to take on the extreme forces dominating our politics.

What will my donation do?

When you join this crowdfund, you’ll be making this plan a reality by directly funding MP campaigns and the growth of this movement. The more you give, the more we can do.

What’s more, every pound you give will be doubled thanks to the backers who have pledged to match donations up to a total value of £25,000.


What kind of campaigns and action?  Take two MPs - Norman Lamb from the Lib Dems and Liz Kendall from Labour - who are working to stop the NHS being a political football by creating a cross-party task force. Your donation could amplify their campaign - creating more noise, popular support and increasing their chances of success.  

Doing this costs money and effort. It means creating leaflets and posters, running Facebook adverts and online petitions, holding meetings with MPs and much, much more.  

The more you pledge, the more we can do:

  • £35 - prints 500 campaign leaflets
  • £50 - sets up a campaign website on an important issue
  • £100 - runs a local event for More United supporters to meet MPs
  • £250 - equips 25 volunteers with t-shirts and campaign material
  • £500 - recruits 800 volunteers to help elect MU-backed MPs
  • £1800 - enables an MP to meet 1000 local people at More United events to hear their views and let them know what he or she will do to represent them
  • £5,000 - creates a campaign video to raise awareness about an important issues and recruit more supporters

Got an idea like this?

Over £200 million has been raised from our crowd to support the projects they love! Plus tens of millions more unlocked by our partners.