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by More United in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 21st December 2017 we successfully raised £97,591 with 2486 supporters in 21 days

To work with the 34 MPs backed by More United to make sure they have as big an impact as possible in Parliament.

by More United in London, England, United Kingdom

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Myra Hutton 21st December 2017

Congratulations on achievements so far. The government needs to be held to account even more so in these worrying times in its tunnel vision it's hell bent on ruining this country! We are already feeling the effects in the economy, the country is in crisis...what will we be left with? Ordinary people who together make up this country need a strong united voice that's heard ...sending my support.

Tom Burgess 21st December 2017

The way forward is by coming together. There is so much common ground so lets work together to bring lasting change, that way we can build a sustainable economy and bring greater social justice which will brings prosperity for all

Alison Outred 21st December 2017

I've never felt comfortable with all the policies, views of any one particular party and actually believe that good people broadly agree on many issues. Working together seems a better way of working rather than the divisive, competitive and downright nastiness of the current approach. Plus Ian Murray is a member and he's a good guy! ????

JIM WILSON 21st December 2017

It's a very complex issue - i.e. why do so many support Brexit - and the wrong sort of leadership - trying to provide proper leadership

Chris Briscoe 21st December 2017

More than ever, we need something like More United to promote open & honest politics... rather than some of the lies and moves to the extremes that we've seen recently. Amendment 7 on the EU Withdrawal Bill is a recent example of the cross-party approach we need.

John nathan 21st December 2017

every day shows that we must everything possible to disrupt the will of 52% of the people whose lives will be affected more than the 48%. since france and germany buried the hatchet no wars since 1945( there are far more privates buried in, commonwealth grave yards than officers) farmers whose subsidies will be far better protected by being in the same club as french farmers and who will be starved of hard working eastern europeans never mind the national health service who have already seen catastrophic falls in applications to work here by doctors and nurses.we do not run a trade surplus with any major or mid sized country in the world. for a deal' to work it must benefit both sides ergo our deficit will grow/the pound will get weaker as will real wages.

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