Mission aquisition Eggbuckland Stores.

by Emma Gibbs in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Mission aquisition Eggbuckland Stores.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Saving my shop, creating meaningful employment for myself & my team, restoring a community platform. Experimenting with the LOA model.

by Emma Gibbs in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Hi,  I need some help to carry out a Vision. Create meaningful, dignified employment for myself and a few others. Save my local shop & lead the way in sustainable and ethical shopping all wrapped up in a shop called Eggbuckland Stores.

I am looking to raise £5,000 entry level to take over the shop. There is much to be done and I thank you for reading my story.

My biggest leap of faith ever 

I have been caught between a rock and a hard place for as long as I can remember. You know when you just have to move. You just have to go for it, you have been talking about doing something for way longer than is polite before taking action?

I had no idea how I would get to take over my shop, I haven’t exactly been following the traditional model of life, I have the passion, experience and knowledge, but no assets so I have been following the less travelled road of “follow your dream”, and have progressed one step at a time until we recently came up with a date, incidentally at this point I had imagined I would have done the handshake with the bank manager. 

I am taking over my local community shop Eggbuckland Stores, the date has been set for Friday the 1st of February 2019. I am so excited. I have been dreaming about it for the last 4 years.  Planning and laying a foundation for 2, building an online and foot community for the last 18 months and 6 months putting together a robust working business plan. I now just need to do it and I need your help.

Dream big they said


I want Peace, Goodwill and Good Health to all on Earth, but that seemed like a tall order and after years of campaigning, writing letters, attending meetings and putting the world to rights over the counter,  I have realised that I can’t do a thing about the rest of the world, about what the politicians say and do, about the policies they make. But I can do something right here With Eggbuckland Stores, I can look out for my neighbourhood, my community, myself. I can do things like

* pay a smile forward

* Look out for the elderly

* Create a safe space

* Reduce plastic

* Source cruelty free & high welfare

* Support organic & pesticide free

* Provide specialist foods

* Network and signpost

* Reduce carbon footprint; shop local, informal education 

* Maintain a social cohesion; support my community 

* Become “a place to go”, promote inclusion & diversity

* Support local businesses 

* Use specialist health food and nutrition knowledge 

* So much more ..

The vision 

My vision is to own Eggbuckland Stores and turn it into an authentic community attraction and shop. Eventually I would like to include an indoor and outdoor-covered eating area providing fresh and prepared food, serving sustainable produce and products. 


We have been a community shop since 1966, the current owner has owned it for 18 years and I precede him by 2 [years]. It has been my shop across the road since I moved here 23 years ago.  For 20 years I have held various shifts as a second job, whilst at times it has been my main. I moved here as a young single parent , the community; my customers have grown into my friends and family. Now with the passing of time I have amassed a respectable amount of “elderly relatives”!!

I have been there so long it really does feel like my shop. About 2 years ago it came to my attention that the shop wasn’t doing well so I began to get more involved and started looking at the buisness critically. The owner was and still is absorbed with family and health issues and the shop was in decline and on the market. I realised that I didn’t want to work anywhere else.  I spoke to the boss, he agreed he also wants me to keep on Eggbuckland Stores as the community shop it is, so he took it off the market so I could work it out. So began mission; aquisition Eggbuckland Stores. 

It should have been straightforward! I had done all the groundwork. I undertook a youth and community degree in 2007 with the intent of securing a purpose built youth and community center and playpark. We got the playpark!

* knowledge & skills - check

* market research - check

* trial new stock, respond - check

* buisness plan - check

* finance 

I have gone as far as I can without capital investment so I am asking for help


- 100% committed

- Solutions focused approach

- Qualified youth & community worker
- Experienced Event manager & brand ambassador

- Qualified Neuro-linguist

- Specialised in communication & informal education 

-  Authentic local and national knowledge base

- 12 months ago I began to diversify with hand made, organic, vegan and gluten free products which has proved really popular and is certainly a growing trend.

- I have built an online Facebook community 

- Built a network of local suppliers including a table & a growing following at a monthly farmers market

- Created a working buisness plan & marketing strategy

- liaised with local wholesalers , had a quote for a shop refit


Investment needed £5,000

Under the circumstances The Owner has agreed to rent the downstairs business property to me on a leasehold and to pay for the stock and fixtures on a monthly agreement. 

Essential targets

* 300 licences

* 600 deposit WHSmith

* 100 starting float

* 1000 unforeseen 

* 1500 advertising, signage 
* 1500 legal, accounts

Other targets

* 400 patio heater

* 200 tables & chairs

* 1500 outside shelter for the young people
* 2000 initial stock update
* 3000 slush puppy machine

* 3000 coffee machine

* 15,000 forecourt refit

* 40,000 shop refit

The circumstances 

As illogical as it is I have spent 2 years planning and working in situ to take over a buisness trusting that the componants that be would fall into place at the perfect times.  Everything but, I have no assets and have a dissolved bankruptcy on my record. I am unable to receive financial backing from the usual routes. 

Everybody has told me this from the beginning. I chose not to listen. I believed the buisness plan and my skills would carry me through.  

I much prefer the keep calm and carry on, you will get there in the end version. Without hope what is there?

The circumstances behind the circumstances 

Long story short the ‘problem’, was I lived a long time with ME, anxiety, panic & pain, my focus was maintaining life. I would work to survive and spent the rest of my time researching health models. 
I had a major health crash between 2010-2015 where I was unable to fathom the benefit system resulting in near starvation and 2 near evictions. The starvation and continuous contact from bailiffs and debt collectors was impeding my health keeping me trapped in perpetual poverty and poor health. Bankruptcy was my only option.


The way back

The upside of these circumstances are that after bankruptcy I was able to get my stress levels down enough to heal and I had a transformational health breakthrough, stress releases cortisol & creates sugar in the body. I am now so passionate about the benefits of good food and fun (the opposite of stress) that I just want to share with everyone. Hence over the last 18 months I have introduced a variety of organic, pesticide free products into store and enjoy having fun with everyone I meet. 

I have also had 2 interviews published in separate Plymouth magazines in 2018 in reference to my health breakthrough. I am now passionate about sharing my experience and bringing the health cornerstones to me, the community and beyond.

I was ill for 40 odd years - I have a lot of catching up to do.


Much love and appreciation for joining my adventure whichever  you are donating, time & interest, shares or money.

My purpose all along is to create a job I love for myself and my team whilst helping make the world a better place starting in Eggbuckland. Now please could you share, share, share and help show the world that anything is possible if you have a dream : )

Year 1

* All supporters will be named on the honours list on our new website (As soon as up & running)

* All supporters will receive a handwritten thank you card

* All businesses will be promototed 

Year 2 

* All donations without rewards, received will be incrementally taken back out and placed in an interest account set up as a community fund. 

* Eggbuckland Stores will donate 5% of its net profits to the community fund after its 1st year of profit.

Much love and thanks, I look forward to catching up with you : ) #[email protected] 

Happy New Year


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Thank you : ) A hand written thank you card. Your name on our websites wall of honour. An opportunity to pay it forward into a local community.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Thank you : ) A hand written thank you card. Your name on our web pages wall of honour. A chance to Pay it forward into a local community fund.

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Thank you : ) A hand written thank you card. Your name on our wall of honour. Buisness opportunity; we will give your product prime selling space for one month including in store promotion and online advertising.

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Thank you : ) A hand written thank you card. Your name on our wall of honour 10% discount for a month (except cigarettes)

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£1,000 or more

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£1000 Reward

Thank you : ) A hand written thank you card. A place on our wall of honour. 12 months advertising & product promotion. 12 months premium shelf space. (Please contact first to ensure your product is in line with our goals)

£1,000 or more

£1000 Reward

Thank you : ) A hand written thank you card. Your name on our wall of honour. Just because : )

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