Mishti Peace of Mind

by Mishti in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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World's first Global NRI Platform enabling NRI's to give the best of health, social network, and convenience to their aging parents in India

by Mishti in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


We grow to be successful adults under the meticulous care of our parents.  And yet, as we grow up and seek opportunities, it is the first thing we are forced to sacrifice. Careers and marriages separate us from loved ones. But the difference in timezones does not take the worry, the need to be with each other away. 4565 miles apart, in another country, a continent even, when your 78-year-old mother falls sick, the time and space difference intensifies the helplessness, the guilt.

But what if it didn’t have to be like that?

Imagine if distance ceased to matter

Became secondary

As it should be

Imagine if happiness replaced guilt and loneliness

Imagine if, 4565 miles away from mum, worry doesn’t eat at you since you know that someone has her - and your - back.

This is where your Mishti Tribe comes in.

Who are we?

In India, Mishti means sweetmeats, usually a treat to accompany good news. They signify the coming home of loved ones. Mishti is the flavor of friendship and community. And it is a feeling we - at Mishti - want to echo. We want our name to be synonymous with homecoming, with trust, and steaming cups of tea for when you’re sick, and echoing laughter with the community you can lean on.

We are working hard to bring together elements to make your life as an NRI, as well as your parents - stress-free and yet incredibly satisfying. We enable you to participate in their wellbeing from thousands of miles away, easily and reliably. While we continue to grow our offering to our tribe, here is what we have already got in operation:

  • Dedicated GP - Your parents get a dedicated family physician, that checks in each month, and proactively addresses issues before they become diseases. Plus NRI's can join any session with their parents to help answer their concerns.
  • Emergency response coordination - Whether it's a fall or a stroke, a team of paramedic responders is essential - be it getting an ambulance or rushing them to the right hospitals in the golden hour of emergency.
  • Mishti Pals - are dedicated companions for your parents who connect with them weekly, help with digital errands, or escort them to outings of their choice. Aging parents struggle being away from loved ones, but Mishti pals are helping change that each day.
  • Mishti add ons - whether you need temporary nursing care or need help with Adhoc errands for mum and dad - we have the partners on the ground to get the job done well.

We are your tribe on the ground helping you care in the best way possible for your loved ones. Our team of doctors and care professionals is there to help with every fall, every flu, even simple things like trips to the store.

In a world not limited by boundaries, Mishti wants to be the global family that defeats the plague of loneliness that eats up our elderly - separated as they often are from their children, grandkids, and people they can truly depend on.

Where do you come in?

Every day, we make strides in melting distances. Every day, we turn into an even bigger family and we make sure no one gets left behind.

But dreams need fuel to burn brighter. And, thus, we need your help.

For every dollar you donate, you help up fund a stronger and wider network of such value-added services for your loved ones. Every dollar is spent wisely in carefully selecting and supporting only the best-in-class service providers who deliver excellent health and care with compassion and diligence.

And even better, a part of your donation also helps support an elder who doesn't have anyone to care for them. 

So, what’s the plan?

Our mission has always been to serve our community, and now we’re asking our community to help us grow. COVID 19 has shown us how vulnerable our older generation is and we want to build an ecosystem where they can access preventative health care, trigger an emergency and make their life rich by connecting them to one another and community events.

The deeper impact

We're also driven by a sense of responsibility to support our elderly.

It’s not only down to charities but businesses can also do good and do it sustainably with good ethics. Through Mishti we will provide paid training and employment opportunities for housewives and young people who come with a natural ability to care so they can achieve their full potential. Likewise, we are helping make sure the stories and experiences of our elderly never get lost with the help of a vibrant tribe we are building globally.

What you will get 

We are incredibly blessed to serve our community and thank you for supporting us for every dollar you trust in us, we promise to give back 100% to building our ecosystem for NRI and NRI parents in both parts of the world.

  • £25 or more -Big heartfelt thank you and we will send you a Mishti T-Shirt.
  • £50 or more -Mishti starter kit to your parents which will include a surprise they will love.
  • £100 or more - three-month subscription to 'Mishti Peace of Mind' service to your parents

Every last penny of your donation will go towards building up the ecosystem and technology for supporting our loved ones while we are far away from home. 

The more money we raise, the bigger our impact can be - so please join the tribe and support our mission.

What are people saying about our project?

“Team MISHTI thank you so much for arranging a consultation with Pulmonogist for a second opinion. Gave me a much better idea to how we can our doctor in Jammu. Really appreciate all your support”

— Dushyant, UK

“Thanks, team MISHTI for prompt support and connecting me to Dr.Sandeep in the US. His guidance on medication, nutrition, and tips are very helpful. Especially during the night when doctors are not available

— Balki, Ireland

Huge thanks to team Mishti for helping my father-in-law in Bangalore. We are very grateful for being so reliable, responsive, and patient in sorting out all his admin problems and give him comfort”

— Dr.Sushma S, UK


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£20 or more

£20 or more

£20 or more One-month subscription to Mishti Peace of Mind to your parents

£5 or more

£ 5 or More

£5 or more Big heartfelt thank you and we will send  you a Mishti T-Shirt

£10 or more

£10 or More

£10 or more Mishti starter kit to your parents which will be a surprise gift voucher for something they love to do

£50 or more

£50 or More

£ 50 or more Three months subscription to Mishti Peace of Mind to your parents

£100 or more

£ 100 or More

£ 100 or more One-month Mishti Peace of mind subscription and a fully chaperoned service for a day (movie, picnic, or any choice of their activity)

£200 or more

£200 or More

£ 200 or more one-year Mishti peace of mind subscription. You don't have to worry for a year and we will ensure they have access to a doctor and a Mishti Genie taking care of their needs

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