Mirror girls pilot

by AAA Productions in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Mirror girls pilot

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A new take on film, to raise awareness to the misognoir black females face in society. To change perception and perspective and to empower.

by AAA Productions in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

M.G girls working title 

The idea for M.G arose from understanding my identity and the perception society attaches to it, aswell my observation of the poor treatment of other black females both in my life and those in the spotlight. The idea is constructed based of their stories, their struggles, their hopes. M.G was also derived from the idea of misogynoir is (discrimination towards black females ) it’s a term where sexism and racism meet to form a barrage of a hate all towards one marginalised group is in its entirety formed based of this concept and an exploration of why misogynoir is  wrong and how it affects black females in the hope that society will take this on board and educate themselves that we are all human despite our race or gender.

What is M.girls ?

Inspired by the struggles of black females in PRECIOUS (2009)  and their strength to overcome adversities and take control of their lives and empower one another from  from THE COLOUR PURPLE(1986). Mirror girls seeks to hold a mirror up to / draw parallels between the black girls of the past and the present through the depiction of the parts of the daily life of a black woman that seem natural accepted and simple but should not be viewed as such (e.g: race jokes made by friends and lack of black females in certain industries and positions of power due to the concrete ceiling a barrier that stops them progressing).

A few issues M.G will look at will be topics such as domestic violence and how the majority of cases pertaining to black females are dealt with, with bias and disbelief.
Mental health the taboo around black culture of feeling the need to deal with your traumas on your own aswell as questioning whether one must overcome their trauma before helping to stop others traumas from occurring. M.G will also highlight the adultification bias and how many black female are perceived as ‘ adult’ before they are of age and/or how they are forced to grown older quickly before their time.

all of which are issues that  should be looked at in a greater detail because they aren’t right. 

such as in the domestic violence setting that others are unwilling to believe is being faced and the overcoming of one’s trauma to stop the others’ from occurring. M.G also highlights adultification bias and how many black females are perceived adult’ before they are of age and/or how they are forced to grown older quickly before their time.

Aim of the series
A series to raise awareness to the issue of misogynoir within society to quash stigma attached to the identity of being a black female aswell as showing that between the past and now not much has changed on how black females get treated and a greater effort must be put in to change how we are perceived

This film also aims to help stop taboo culture of ‘mental health shouldn’t be discussed’  that is prevalent in black culture because maybe if we did seek help we’d be able to move along but also the address of making these institutions feel safer for the black community.

why fund us ?

Any money made will go into paying actors, sourcing costumes, finding locations and lastly post production to make this series as educative as possible. Also giving opportunities to black female actresses both experienced and not experienced to show their talent.


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