Children's Mental Health - The Digital Revolution

by Mindstars CIC in North Shields, England, United Kingdom


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Our aim is to provide children with access to innovative, engaging and fun educational technology, revolutionising children's mental health!

by Mindstars CIC in North Shields, England, United Kingdom


Never has there been a more vital time to change how we manage mental health.

Prior to the pandemic, the UK was already facing a mental health crisis due to high demand and increased waiting times within the NHS and support services . COVID-19 has undoubtedly increased the amount of children facing mental health issues, and sadly we are now facing a children’s mental health crisis in the UK.

As highlighted  by 146 organisations, including Action for Children and National Children's Bureau, children must be at the heart of the recovery and rebuilding process, and we need to invest in the services they rely on.


The children's Mental Health Curriculum was introduced in September 2020, however due to a forced transition to remote learning due to COVID-19, it has highlighted that technology in education is now a vital aspect of all future education. 

We know we need to move quickly, and digitally in our response to this, and here’s how:

Our Children's Mental Health EdTech

Earlier this year we launched an ambitious 1606605042_social_media_post_-_a_journey_through_space_&_mind_.pngeducational technology (EdTech) project aimed at providing children with access to an innovative, fun and engaging educational mental health platform. The sole purpose being to encourage children to take the lead on their mental health journey. Early education is vital to ensure we break the cycle and avoid long term mental health problems for the next generation.

1606601509_1_(2).pngEdTech is increasingly being viewed as a long lasting, future digital solution to support learning. As technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate, it is more important than ever that the education system keeps pace with these changes. At Mindstars, we believe to inspire children to take charge of their mental health, we need to directly engage them not only in the classroom, but also at home, and this needs to be focused on how children learn more effectively in the new digital era.  


In addition to this EdTech project, we also carry out community projects providing proactive education, activities  and support to children and families. With our EdTech, Mindstars will be able to completely change how we engage children in mental health. 

The time for change is now - lets make this happen!


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