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by Michael Smith in Llanmartin, Wales, United Kingdom

Microsmith iRecycle

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To help bridge the digital divide by recycling and refurbishing old devices back to those who need them the most within the community.

by Michael Smith in Llanmartin, Wales, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

This pandemic has highlighted the need for laptops that can be used for homeschooling. 

As and where we can, we (Microsmith Electronics Ltd) refurbish devices and give them away to those who need them the most. We try to do as much as we can, but recently we have been receiving more requests for devices, and we are also receiving requests for mobile phones or tablets to help anyone who has been made homeless or found themselves in hospital and needs a device to stay in contact with friends and loved ones.

My team and I are perfectly placed to try help. So I'd like to introduce to you...

Microsmith iRecycle. 

The focus of Microsmith iRecycle will be to recycle old IT back into the community. We are asking for everyone to dig into their attic, garage or junk draw and donate old kit they may have laying around, We want tablets, laptops, computers and mobiles phones. To ensure the viability of devices, a minimum spec has to be met, this spec will be posted on our website and facebook page along with a 'Donate Device' button. 

We want to distribute the refurbished devices back to the following..

  • School children who need laptops for home learning. 
  • Anyone who may be homeless, or just starting out and needs device. 
  • Anyone who has been admitted to hospital.
  • Nursing and Care Homes 

Microsmith iRecycle will evaluate and refurbish devices that can be recycled, we will be supply our services for free, and we will provide the infrastructure that aids the refurbishment process, but we will still need to buy parts. We are using this crowdfunding page so we can receive donations. The money raised here will be directly used to buy SSD's, screens, Chargers keyboards and other parts needed to complete the refurbishment process of the donated devices. 

If you don't have a device to donate, but wish to help, please donate some money to help refurbish a device. 

We'd like to work with schools, churches and other charities to help identify those who need devices the most. Please get in touch to get onboard. We do already have a lot of support for the idea, and are already taking in devices from locals for refurbishment.

Donate a Device or help pay for the parts. who knows, we may even stop some electronics from going to landfill.  

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