Mental health app in response to pandemic

by A. K. in London, England, United Kingdom

Mental health app in response to pandemic

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COVID-19 has caused mental health pandemic but we can provide permanent recovery for businesses and individuals by using neuroscience.

by A. K. in London, England, United Kingdom

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COVID-19 has caused mental health pandemic but together with you we can provide permanent recovery for everyone.

We have created a program for everyone who is suffering from stress anxiety or depression.

We have created a neuroscience based Mental Toughness program that helps people to avoid mental health problems not just reduce them. This program was designed using techniques that are scientifically proven and used in different practices like CBT, Change, NLP, top competitive sport and extreme training (marine and special forces). Before this pandemic, no one thought that almost entire population would need this type of solution but now it is necessary, and we feel that we have the responsibility to help. All existing Mental Health charities and Healthcare providers are overwhelmed by this mental health crisis so we thought that we can design the  online program and app to help people but to do it fast, we need your help. 

We are a team of 2 people. A psychologist, lecturer and management consultant, designed/ delivered hundreds of programs and solutions for different subjects and earning and development instructional designer/ developer who has created hundreds of online learning solutions. Together we have designed e-learning solutions for 5 years and would like to help now everyone who has been suffering from stress, anxiety or depression to provide free program and app for people to use to get mentally strong. 

Stress and anxiety reduction is not enough but neuroscience can help.

I have been designing and delivering solutions for mental wellbeing and especially since the pandemic started but I quickly realised that general stress and anxiety reduction does not work when mental health problems increased constantly. So, we started to design neuroscience-based solution to teach the brain to be strong. It was tested and has been used as a face to face and online program. The results are working as it 100% helps to recover from stress, anxiety or depression and also gives the brain the ability to keep away from mental health issues in the future. It is not a surprise that it helps because different steps of this program have been used in different therapies and training to change behaviour and perception. People will achieve state of mental strength that allows them to cope with situations like adversities without suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. This solution is needed very quickly because this pandemic has caused unimaginable mental health crisis and even when the pandemic will be contained with the vaccine, mental health will not improve because lockdowns and drastic decline in economy have created longstanding problems which would last for generations.

Why we thought that app is needed?

Because we have no capacity to reach everyone by existing face to face programs, we decided to design a basic app and learning platform that are available for general public for free. Differently from the face to face program, app with the platform is able to guide people to reach the mental power that helps to prosper even in adversity and crisis like this. With your support we can create the app and program on our platform for free download so people can have access to it every day and recover from this pandemic caused stress, anxiety and/or depression and never suffer from them again. This program is able to make people’s minds so strong that they can thrive in adversities.

We have combined the best of proved techniques into a solution that have till now only been available for few but will from now be available for public use.

Short online clip will be available soon. 

Why we should not ignore signs of stress!

There are solutions to deal with mental health crisis, but they all offer just mental health reduction. Mental Health reduction was working before, when the mental health issues were caused by all other reasons than the pandemic. This health pandemic has escalated this crisis into a mental health pandemic. People who should be doing well, having well paid safe jobs, living with other people or families, with no family catastrophes related to covid-19 are all on the edge of stress and anxiety because of loneliness, isolation, restrictions and economic decline. And with any or all vaccines available soon, this will not change the landscape of mental health. Mental health can’t be fixed with quick fix. It is impossible to put entire population under medication so they should feel better about the pandemic. There will be large groups not vaccinated any time soon and some never as they are and will stay anti-vaccine. Mental health needs healing and therapies are attempting to do that. But mental health problems increasing every day would kill more people than any lockdown claims to save. It will kill people by suicides, by deteriorating physical health (because mental health affects physical health), by obesity caused by stress related overeating, by cancelled routine operations and treatments, loneliness (it kills as effectively as any physical reason) and the list continues. All mental health charities, national healthcare mental health providers and any other private providers are so overwhelmed by the extent of mental health issues that no government support for them is helpful. They just have no resources so urgently to be able to deal with the avalanche of problems. And we are not even talking yet about young people who are in school or recently graduated. Their mental health will be affected for a generation because they have and will suffer the most. 

Why Mental Toughness works and makes you strong?

The solution of Mental Toughness has never been used as one specific solution to cure mental health problems and not offered as a course, program, module or app anywhere. It is understandable because the problem is unprecedented and the one’s dealing with mental health issues every day are too exhausted by the scale of it. 

We are dealing with many subjects and mental wellbeing is only one of them, so we had a bit broader perspective and were thinking in the beginning more of the business side and how to help our clients to survive the pandemic and lockdown. When we realised how badly it had affected people and there is no solution available, we decided to design an effective response to crisis. Our program was tested by myself, by my current clients, wider public, and it works extremely efficiently by allowing people and businesses to recover from stress, anxiety and even depression in days. It may not be suitable in cases related to psychiatric illnesses because it has not been tested in this area.

Thank you for reading this information and for teaming up with us to support as many people as we can reach!


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