Mental Health Resources for Children

by Bookworm Central in Braintree, England, United Kingdom

Mental Health Resources for Children

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Provide resources for children to promote good mental health and help them cope with all the big emotions we currently face.

by Bookworm Central in Braintree, England, United Kingdom

As we begin these steps back to some kind of normality, we will all once again be challenged. This will be such a difficult time for everyone, especially our children.  The schools reopening will cause a huge mix of emotions that many will not understand or know how to manage.

Helping the children in our community navigate these feelings and giving them a tool box to support their mental health in the future is vital.  Let us create a generation where discussions about mental health is not taboo.

We as parents need support too.  How do we help our children?  How do we ensure that they can express themselves?  How do we take away their worries but at the same time let them know those feelings are valid?

Working as an Independent Usborne Organiser I have access to a wide range of helpful mental health resources to support both children and parents.  This is a subject which is very close to my heart and I am passionate about helping our children find their way.   

Every penny raised will go towards these amazing resources.  All of my commission and any physical profits will also go to the cause.  This means that for every £100 raised, at least £130 worth of resources will be given to charity.

Working closely with the Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service, which is provided by Virgin Care in partnership with Barnardo’s, we will ensure that resources are used to their potential.  This amazing charity will choose the resources most needed by the families they are working with and put it all to good use, ensuring that we can help as many families in our community as possible.

Anything you can give is amazing and very much appreciated.  If you cannot donate then please do share our cause and support us in reaching more people.

Thank you so much!

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