Mental Health - Equality and Education

by Justyna Janus in London, England, United Kingdom

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We want an equal standard of mental health care for all young people in the UK. No matter religion, background, or sexual orientation.

by Justyna Janus in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 14th July 2020 we'd raised £165 with 11 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


I have suffered from severe depression for a very long time. I was struggling to do basic daily tasks, but still, Mental Health organizations would send me from one to another, making me feel hopeless and not listened to. Adding to that I was from an Eastern European background I was surrounded by stigma on mental health illnesses - something I have never heard about when I was young what made me feel confused and alienated. 

I didn't know how widespread the problem of depression is and felt like I am the only one who struggles. When I started speaking up about my experiences, many of my friends and acquaintances started reaching out to me, to say they also have/had problems and feel less lonely by knowing there is someone out there who they can connect with emotionally. 


Our foundation has a huge focus on providing accurate information, approved by professionals and health authorities. To have the best research possible, sometimes we need to pay for legal or medical advice in order to be reliable and 100% transparent. 

With the £1000 that we hope to raise, we would cover:

- Creative designs (infographic, pictures, and videos), that includes various software subscriptions. 

- Website design (making our platform as interactive as possible, and easy to navigate - doing research on where to get help most effectively based on individual needs - background and sexual orientation for the best quality help possible). 

- Business Development (trying to get impact from influential figures to support our foundation - people youth recognizes and likes. We believe that by presenting that even the most successful people in society struggle with mental health would remove a lot of pressure and stigma). 

- Legal fees - we believe in our charity and would like to register it with authorities to make sure we pay taxes and provide transparency in the way we spend the money. 

The money raised will not be spent immediately, and the expenses will be efficiently planned to make sure it lasts for even 6 months. The fundraising money will be put on the website and all the expenses will be noted there. 


Make a platform where all the information about mental health is condensed in one place:

- Statistics and Infographics raising awareness

- Contribution from influential people to reduce the stigma on mental health - where possible - cooperation 

- Information on Mental Health illnesses - symptoms, where to seek help for yourself or others (all from respectable medical health sources). 

- Providing a place where everyone can speak up about their issues - anonymously or not, to give others a new perspective and hope 

- Creating innovative, modern, and appealing content on Mental Health 


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