Mental health and emotional wellbeing.

by Susan Harris in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

Mental health and emotional wellbeing.

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Supporting all mental health damaged by the pandemic. Raising vital funds for specialist charities. Promoting mental wellbeing.

by Susan Harris in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

1612531256_dsc_0384_edited_(2016-09-01t07_14_03.000).jpgCOVID is causing severe mental health problems and making people's original illnesses very much worse, especially from the intense pressures of lockdowns. There is the isolation from avoiding others and  having little human contact, then withdrawing into your mind . The danger of being so internalized can be that the outside world  no longer feels real. Along with this there is the fear of the disease itself, stress over finances and continuous tension from how long it will last. The strain of the pandemic is causing  anxiety , depression, eating disorders, obsessive behaviours,  self harm, sleep deprivation and is leading to suicides. Also, there will be an emotional readjustment after the lockdown. The psychological and  emotional effects of COVID are harshly impacting all in the community.  The project aims are to promote openness about mental health and to help provide support. To create environments where everyone is comfortable expressing their feelings - so release tensions, plus  sharing advice on how to cope .This will also give a renewed sense of belonging to a group , therefore improving loneliness .  The project is supporting essential mental health services that are especially needed now  - providing helplines for  therapy including counselling, and ways to relax.  The services are being used at least four times more than before the Pandemic, so are in a danger of being overwhelmed at a time when they vitally necessary.  Your donations will be shared between these specialist charities -CALM,  The Samaritans, and Rethink Mental Illness. The charities are helping people  suffering from the devastating mental health problems now, plus giving hope for future wellbeing . With some money also to be used for keeping the project going.      Thank you for your kind donations.

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