Men's Mental Health and 24 Hour Homeless Sleepout

by Mandem Meetup in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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Our project aim is to challenge the stigma around Men's Mental Health and Homelessness, Through talking circles and homeless outreach.

by Mandem Meetup in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Mandem Meetup is a free community group for all men and all our activities are free of charge. Some of those activities include -. 

  • Biweekly Hikes, 
  • Talking Circles, 
  • 5-aside Football Matches, 
  • Rock Climbing, 
  • Photography Classes

All the money raised is to continue being able to provide ongoing free activities, spaces for men to open up, venue hire, refreshments and facilitator fees.

We will also be designating some of funds towards helping the homeless with essentials like sleeping bags, toiletries, underwear and we’re currently considering buying mobile chip and pin readers so anyone on the streets can have monies paid to them even in an ever-growing cashless society. 

For this year’s annual 24-hour sleepout we will be joined by employees from BPP Education Group. Here are a few words from Will Lamprell, Group HR Director at BPP Education Group.

“The average age of death for people experiencing homelessness is 46 for men and 42 for women (Source: This is an uncomfortable statistic – and particularly resonates with me personally as I approach my mid-40s. I am fortunate enough to have never experienced homelessness but, like all of us, I see this on the streets every day. As we approach the season for giving, I, along with others from BPP including Karen Henrys, Heather Gough, Richard Howse and Joe Baller, will be raising awareness and supporting the homeless by spending 24 hours on the streets of Manchester, experiencing the harsh realities of life that some people have to face every day.”

Another goal of the project is to fund the purchase of a Mini-Bus that will help men for all areas reach our biweekly hikes and other activities that might offset spending their own money on transport.

Nearly 75% of all suicide victims are male and a whopping 87% of rough sleepers are also male. Men are nearly three times more like than women to become dependent on alcohol and report frequent drug use.

This is the reason Mandem Meetup was founded.

Our talking circle provide men with a safe space to talk, with no judgement, expectations or repercussions, this all happens in one of our weekly sharing circles.

  We understand how important exercise can be for the mind and the body this is why we provide the following ; -

  • Exercise classes,
  • Day trips, 
  • Mountain climbing/hikes,
  • Cold water swimming in lakes 
  • Breathing Classes
  • Work IN, Work OUT Classes

At Mandem Meetup we work with men who have mental health issues or are at risk of having mental health issues. We provide a number of activities which are about connecting men together, giving each other mutual support and providing social activities to reduce isolation.

 We have been delivering services to Men and the Homeless of Manchester as volunteers for the last four year and rely on donations from generous people around the country to continue to do what we do for free.

Please donate what you can and share so that we can spread the word of Mandem far and wide.

Come as you are men, you’re welcome here.

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