Medevac Frontline

A group of volunteer specialist paramedics offering training to under-developed healthcare services overseas and rapid deployments to humanitarian disasters such as Ukraine and the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Medevac Frontline

Supporting us allows us to train and be deployed at man-made and environmental sudden onset disasters in under-developed healthcare services overseas. 

We comprise a team of highly trained and equipped paramedics belonging to the UK's Hazardous Area Response Team (HART).

We have been invited to Kosovo in March to advise and train their emergency services. Unlike the UK, they have no knowledge of the role of the paramedic and have no national health service. 

Our training 'of the trainers' in Kosovo will undoubtedly save many lives. 

The trip to Kosovo is all organised and the flights have been booked and paid. However, the remainder costs of £8,000 still need to be met. The object of the trip is to 'train the trainers' in their medical emergency services. Please, or we need to cancel.

With your help we can also deploy our emergency pre-hospital care teams in the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Further training trips are planned for Ukraine this year.


Every year millions of people are affected by humanitarian crises, such as disease outbreaks, natural disasters and conflict.  Crises such as these have an impact on the delivery of health services, leaving already vulnerable populations even more at risk. 


Medevac Frontline is a UK registered charity (Nov 2023) that offers specialist skills training in emergency medevac from sudden onset disasters and where particular skills are needed by medics in challenging environments. 

Our training for major incident emergency medevac and mass casualty response embeds the importance of preparedness and resilience. The objective of all our training is to mitigate the risks of unnecessarily high mortality. 

The training is aimed particularly at those countries with a perceived risk of major incidents (eg Ukraine, Pakistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and those with under-developed health care systems principally in Asia and Africa – but always at the invitation of the host Government’s Ministry of Health. An invitation has already been received from Kosovo to provide additional training to their emergency services. 

The training by Medevac Frontline is overseen by our Director of Training, a Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care who has served for many years with the NHS South Western Ambulance Service Trust’s HART team (Hazardous Area Response Team) and their HEMS team (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service). He is now back training HART.

The training syllabus offered by Medevac Frontline includes major incident medical evacuation (medevac) preparedness, resilience and response; medevac from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive attack; from confined spaces (earthquake rubble); swift water rescue (tsumamis); heights (buildings, cliffs) and hazardous material spills (dangerous chemical spills on road or rail). 

Building resilience is a key part of the charity’s mission.