MCA Yr6 Leavers Do

by MCA YR6 LEAVER 21 in Gravesend, England, United Kingdom

MCA Yr6 Leavers Do


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Extended crowd funder to raise money for Meopham community academy year 6 leavers do.

by MCA YR6 LEAVER 21 in Gravesend, England, United Kingdom

Crowdfunder is waiving its platform fees for community and charity crowdfunding projects during the coronavirus crisis. The Covid-19 epidemic could affect millions of people in the next few weeks.

These are unprecedented times but together, we are stronger, and the response is coming from communities across the country.

Volunteer groups are springing up to tackle the logistical problems faced in our communities – but they need urgent support. That's where we come in.

In response to the current coronavirus epidemic we are unlikely to be able to give our Yr6 leavers a proper send off so let’s rally round and raise a few quid to buy them a pizza or two!

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