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by Michelle Weeks in Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

Maternal Journal Bath

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Maternal Journal is a much needed, open + supportive space to explore, discuss + creatively record the mundane, mayhem + magic of parenthood

by Michelle Weeks in Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

I would like to keep Maternal Journal Bath a constant supportive part of the Bath community, so that all folk who have given birth have a nurturing space to attend to support well being.  This can only happen with the financial support of others.

One in five women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or in the first year after birth, with suicide remaining the leading cause of direct maternal death in the first postnatal year. However, very few women who died by suicide in 2020 had formal mental health diagnoses, but significant numbers had a history of trauma. (MBRRACE November 2022) Despite this, pregnant people and new parents have no access to specialist community perinatal mental health services in almost half of the UK.

One thing you can do is turn your anger, frustration, experience and efforts, towards action, and support our Crowdfunder so more parents get the support they need through Maternal Journal Bath.


Maternal Journal Bath offers an open and supported space to gather with other people on their parenting journeys, to reflect and explore through creativity, whether 6 weeks pregnant, 6 weeks postpartum or 6 years down the line. 

It is especially for those who fall between the gap of care with low level anxiety, depression or mood. Journaling can really make a positive difference to mental health and well-being.


At Maternal Journal Bath people can share experiences, build friendships, have valuable time to connect with their baby and themselves, support each other, and take time to actually explore how they are really feeling through creativity.

During each session there is no conversation agenda, we discuss feelings, recent topical events, Eastenders, wherever the conversation flows, but there is always a creative prompt to work with and explore.


I have been facilitating Maternal Journal, in Bath and the surrounding towns, for 4 years and the demand and need for this nurturing space is clear, with the groups now being booked out in 24 hours, with both new attendees and many returning time after time.


I hope to be able to sustain Maternal Journal Bath in the area for a long time to come, because there will always be new parents who need a nurturing space to express themselves whilst sat amongst others who just get it.


The group is run not for profit but it is essential that I cover costs.

I will use the funding for:

  • Hiring local spaces that feel cosy and secure so people feel comfortable creating and sharing their vulnerabilities. 
  • Art materials which are of good quality, including journals, which makes the attendees feel special and worthy.
  • To cover my expenses such as petrol, parking, printing, research and planning time and any training attended.

Individually I bring to Maternal Journal Bath:

  • A wealth of knowledge and skills from being an experienced Doula, to facilitate the groups successfully, including my amazing, nonjudgemental listening skills.
  • My own experience of being a mother, understanding the ever changing landscape of parenthood.
  • Qualifications in dance, graphic design, arts management and a foundation level in art therapy. So creativity is at the heart of my own expression and understanding, which is why I am so able and keen to share it with others.

What past attendees have to say:

  • Maternal Journal helps me to clear my mind and express how I’m feeling when I can’t find the words for it.
  • The sessions gave me ‘me time’ and a little break from my baby, who I adore, but is hard work.
  • It’s is great outlet for my anxieties and something to look forward to each week that is just for me.
  • Maternal Journal has given me something to do when I’m in a negative headspace.
  • The group was really a good place to share my worries, hopes and fears with others who understand how I'm feeling.


Thank you for taking the time to read about my vision, goal and supporting such an important Crowdfunder.

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