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by The Belfast Ensemble in Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom


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Epic in scale and ambition, MASS is a revolutionary collaboration between Belfast Ensemble, Outburst Queer Arts, and the Ulster Orchestra.

by The Belfast Ensemble in Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom

What is Mass?

Ivor Novello-nominated composer Conor Mitchell premieres his electrifying symphonic queer mass score, live in one of the city’s most iconic empty spaces, the Belfast Telegraph Printworks.

With specially commissioned visuals by queer film makers from across the world (Madonna Adib, Paulo Mendel & Vi Grunvald, Mariah Garnett, Simone Harris, Mohammad Shawky Hassan and Debalina Majumder), the immersive world of MASS smashes sacred, profane and queer ceremony together in a seismic event that is part classical oratorio, part rave!

Also featuring international soprano Giselle Allen, Sarah Richmond (Mezzo), Christopher Cull (Baritone) and John Porter (Tenor), MASS is a stunning evolution in the way we experience live music and queer ritual, dancing in the spirit of celebration and power in the collective.

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Based in the city we proudly call home, we employ musicians, actors, visual artists, technicians - the best of Belfast - to create cutting edge music-theatre for audiences here and abroad. We passionately believe that music is the key to Belfast’s future. A collective language, music can be counsel, celebrant and ambassador for this ground-breaking place. With your support, this work will live and breath the city of its birth.

Your donations bring live music to Belfast audiences

Unlike other companies, we don’t yet receive guaranteed annual funding to make our work. So we reply on many, much smaller pools from generous funders including you! The scale of our ambition means we fund raise wherever we can, creating wages for orchestra members, performers, video/lighting artists and more. Your donation - no matter how small - will go towards realising that ambition. 

Your generous donation ensures this project will happen to its highest potential in Belfast.

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