Mary Thomas's Just One Stitch

by Maria Livesey in Warrington, England, United Kingdom

Mary Thomas's Just One Stitch

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To support folks creatively through stitch, in the challenging times during the summer.

by Maria Livesey in Warrington, England, United Kingdom

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Use this to support the time and costs associated in planning and marketing paid workshops (which ultimately pay the bills)

Welcome to Mary's Just One Stitch project. A hand embroidery project inspired by 1930's editions of Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches.

Hanging by a Thread is a creative textile studio in Warrington. Where I manage and teach a range of textile leisure course (which in the currently climate are not running) I run classes in free machine stitch, felt making, and print. 

This project started as a murmuring during a gathering in my studio in early 2020. The idea was a free project in which each participant would be given a
randomly drawn stitch from Mary's book.

When you have your stitch you then have the freedom to explore it, if you chose to you can ultimately work your way to a small finished piece. (max 21x 21cm) In creating a final piece you could respond to a your own inspirations, work with other processes and your strengths or try something different!

The notion behind this project is to:

  • Learn - Get to know your stitch, test it, does it have a history or origin.

  • Explore - What can you do with it, can you play with how you create it, push its boundaries?

  • oh and have fun!

To support those in the local and wider on-line community in these challenging times. To underpin those who feel they would benefit form the learning opportunity; the creativity and the group interactions in these unprecedented and potentially very isolating times.

What else did we do?...a series of Zoom workshops:

1: 19th June - Paper & line

2: 10th July – Colouring with stitch & fabric

3: 31st July – Texture from stitch

4: 21st Aug – Print & surface stitch 

These are designed to help participants to explore their creativity - But you didn't have to partake in them, you could do as much or as little as suited you.

What about our finished work?

As part of this project the plan was to hold an exhibition of work in October although at time time i was unsure how that would look. I can now say that we are currently hanging work submitted with an open day on Saturday the 3rd Oct. With the work remailing up during the remainder of October.

- October exhibition - in the Taylor Gallery at The Old school - Warrington

The project is now coming to its resolution, participant have engaged with this in various ways. Its fair to say it provided a much needed distraction in the past few months for may that felt very isolated.

Participant Support:

- Workshops

- Zoom meets if needed.

- Don't forget that's what folks on our closed Facebook group is a place to support and share what we are working on.

- Anyone could request to participate. 

- Materials sent out if needed

What about costs and why this crowdfunding page has been set up?

This was always meant to be a free project and its is. While using what 'we' have at home. Over the months participants have enquired about contributing to the project to cover my 'investment and time' and more recently any short falls* in the budget for the exhibition. *Short fall per frame/mount for the exhibition worked out about  £2.30 per piece framed. I am funded about £38 a week direct from the funders for teaching and the project management until the end of September. As a response to those inquiring, this crowd funding page has been re-established. 

If you feel that you would like to contribute to the project 'teaching and support' or the final exhibition I would be daft to say no - but their is no obligation. 

Best wishes


Note: this web site asks how much you want to raise, *£80 is a loose figure and is based on a short fall per frame/mount for the exhibition. Which works out at about £2.30 per piece framed. 

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