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Maritime Retreats for Veterans

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Help me to help others by allowing access to areas of peaceful retreat for Veterans and other Service personnel to enhance their wellbeing.

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On the 26th July 2021 we'd raised £1,350 with 6 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

1621949227_54dc6fe6-3d74-487b-a052-7eb6bee9c114.jpeg  Who am I?                                                                                           My name is Peter Simcock and during my life I have accumulated a wealth of qualifications and experience that has enabled me to bring this project to fruition. After twenty two years' Service in the Royal Navy, I progressed to the position of a Senior Lecturer in Further Education as a member of the Faculty of Visual Communication at a college in Glasgow. During this time, I was also a ten year served volunteer as an operational crew member with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Today it is our time.

It is the time to give our deserving guests access to, and to reveal areas of peaceful retreat. With your help I can make this possible by bringing our vessel up to the latest 'safety standards' required for such a venture.

Today should be everyone’s time to give back, to help us give back, giving to all frontline Veterans and Service personnel, and everyone who has helped all of us ride the storms of our past, along with current and future realities, and experiences of life. 

To enable us to give them access to, and appreciate  areas of outstanding natural beauty providing a peaceful retreat while, not only finding time for self reflection but also the opportunity to nurture their personal ambition and so develop a personal blueprint for the future, a future with enhanced wellbeing.

The Islands and Communities of the West Coast of Scotland

The beauty, peace and tranquillity of Scotland’s Western Isles is known worldwide, but accessible by only the few.

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A Gateway to Improved Mental Health

With the help of our volunteers, we intend to change that. To open an affordable gateway to this experience whilst encouraging wellbeing, healing and improved mental health, through education and mindfulness.

1621261977_1621261975807.jpegThis gateway is in the form of our six-berth cabin cruiser, capable of covering this beautiful area in comfort, security and safety in the hands of an experienced and qualified volunteer crew.           The opportunities are many and variable as realisation to a better lifestyle. Should it be for a ten-day, educational, adventure or a weekend away to regenerate body and soul, it is our aim to give back to those who would feel empowered by this experience.

Vision of the Future

Looking to the future, it is time for me to give back.  

With your help today, we can expand the portfolio of maritime1623932427_3e04de60-d694-4fda-994f-343b90d1410a.jpeg education available to our deserving guests, those who wish to take their initial experience further, and explore in greater detail the realisation of the excitement and serene times spent cruising our beautiful coastal waters.


To enable our guests to take stock, and realise lasting memories through mindfulness of their surroundings, being part of a team for their period of time spent with us, time as a valued member of the crew whilst learning the basics of sea safety, seamanship, navigation and marine engineering, which will be resultant in a pathway toward fulfilment, towards improved mental and physical health and the self satisfaction of the achievement of personal goals. 


Today, we want to give back to all of those who have helped us achieve the state of mind and ambitions of our lives. We want to give back to all front line services personnel and so allow us to give back to the most deserved.

1623932602_52989c6b-75d0-469c-a8f1-3f850e19ff42.jpegEveryone should have access to this, and the opportunity to explore further afield the splendour and the openness of our coastline and to offer the opportunity for self-retreat and mindfulness in an affordable manner.

We Have What It Takes

I have accumulated the qualifications and experience that has enabled me to bring this project to fruition.  Along with an equally experienced, and qualified, crew with specialisms in Seamanship, Photography, Marine Biology, Education and Marine Engineering we are in a position to, and with your help, make this project happen and give an opportunity to all of those who have selflessly given to us.

We Know That You Have What it Takes

To comply with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency requirements, in order to fulfil the dreams of so many, it is  imperative that we enhance the onboard safety for our deserving guests. To this end we need to upgrade the professional Personal Protection Equipment.  

With your pledge, all onboard safety equipment, including fire prevention, sailing suits, life rafts, lifejackets, First Aid including the ability to carry out defibrillation, and many more lesser, but just as important, items which will need to be replaced and upgraded to allow for the enhancement and the comfort of these deserving people onboard, you too are showing that, it is time to give back.

We all have the drive, the skills and ambition to make this project happen, and with your help, offer an affordable service to anyone who is in of need of retreat in order to regenerate physical and mental wellbeing.

Thank you.

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This project offered rewards

£500 or more

Reward is 10% discount on a seven day adventure.

Lets go deep into the Lochs of the West Coast of Scotland. Lets visit those white sandy beaches and witness the sea and bird life of the area. Lets visit some of the Island villages and communities which we may only of heard of. Enjoy our hospitality onboard with breakfast and lunch and with dinner ashore each evening.

£25 or more

Reward as a thank you.

As out thank you we will send a keepsake of our personalised Maritime Retreats for Veterans quality pen and stylus which you can use daily with pride to show that you supported this project.

£50 or more

Reward is 5% discount on a day cruise.

Your pledge reward will be 5% discount on a day aboard our motor cruiser. A chance to explore the Firth of Clyde with lunch and afternoon tea.

£150 or more

Reward is 5% discount for two on a short cruise.

Feast your eyes on the beauty and absorb the tranquillity of the Southern Western Isles of Scotland during a three day two night voyage. With the opportunity to step ashore for your evening meal and stretch the legs.

£1,000 or more

£1000 Reward, on-board recognition of support.

Your pledge will be rewarded on-board as a named and valued sponsor of our new equipment and improved safety compliance. Also as our thank you, we shall invite you to view our facilities while enjoying a sight seeing tour of our Southern operating area.

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