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Started on 4th May 2021 Muscat, Oman

26 miles. 36 degree heat. One incredible charity. Please help support countless people in one of the world's poorest countries: Malawi.

This will be my first marathon and I will be running it in Muscat, Oman where average day-time temperatures, in October, hover around 36 degrees. I hope this challenge will encourage others to give generously and support the outstanding work done by African Vision Malawi.

The charity takes training, education and healthcare directly to where it is needed most, implementing sustainable practices and teaching self-sufficiency to empower communities so that they can thrive and be independent.

Only 40% of primary aged children attend school

The pupil to teacher ratio in Malawi is 62/1

Only 25% get a place in secondary school

Among many other projects, African Vision Malawi have set up 9 Community Based Childcare Centres for children under 5, they support 26 Primary Schools and typically sponsor around 40 teenagers to go to Secondary School and at least 20 students to attend university and further education. They have also set up a self-sustaining training village, built on a 17-acre site. The objective here is to support a move away from hand-outs and to train thousands of local people out of poverty.

These are just a few of the projects run by African Vision Malawi and your support in helping them continue and expand is vitally important.

Please donate generously to this incredible cause and know that your money will help improve the futures of today's Malawian children and young people.


Brenden & Jodi commented

Massive effort Dan! Congrats

7th October 2021 at 12:15am
Emma Swinnerton commented

Amazing effort, Dan!! So impressed with running a marathon in that weather! 🙏🎉🙌☺️

4th October 2021 at 2:18pm
Philip Trett commented

Well done Dan, running in a cyclone! You are inspirational.

3rd October 2021 at 8:38am
Katherine commented

Best of luck today Dan. I know this charity is very close to your hearts! Just keep running 🏃‍♂️

3rd October 2021 at 8:06am
Katherine commented

Best of much today Dan. I know this charity is very close to your hearts! Just keep running 🏃‍♂️

3rd October 2021 at 8:06am
Katherine pledged £10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid
3rd October 2021 at 8:05am
Daniel Hunt commented

Thanks to Vics for this Donation

2nd October 2021 at 4:06pm
Daniel Hunt pledged £10
2nd October 2021 at 4:05pm
Sarah Buntine commented

Go Dan! You are amazing 🤩

2nd October 2021 at 4:03pm