MALADMINISTRATION - Legal Advice for 1950s Women

by Scales of Justice for #50s Women in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

MALADMINISTRATION - Legal Advice for 1950s Women
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PLEASE DONATE NOW! 1950s Women have been cruelly robbed of 6 Years' State Pension. We need YOUR help to get 'to the finishing line' and WIN

by Scales of Justice for #50s Women in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Initial Funds donated will be for Stage (1) 

to allow us to initiate full consultations with Ivan Walker and begin to receive the valuable assistance and advice we need to make the carefully considered responses to the correspondence that we will be receiving from the Parliamentary Ombudsman

This will be an on going process 

Further Funds for Stage ( 2) and (3) will be required for the continued progression of the investigation and completion to a successful outcome for all.

Fran & Ros are two of the 1950's Women whose own complaints, which initiated with the DWP over two and a half years ago, have now escalated to the final Parliamentary Ombudsman (PHSO) stage. Both Fran & Ros have been selected as two of the six lead cases in this investigation. These lead cases are being using as a sample to represent the many thousands of similar complaints that have been investigated by the DWP, but have not yet reached this final stage.

The stated intention of the PHSO is to use a 'broad generic scope' obtained from the 6 cases for the purpose of their investigation.

This is the 'End Stage' of this lengthy process and it is so vital that we achieve a positive outcome for all 1950s Women affected by the loss of up to six years' State pension. We are all aware that there have been systematic failures by the DWP, resulting in maladministration of the implementation of the SPA changes, following the 1995 and 2011 Pension Acts, which have caused well documented hardship, mental suffering and sadly in some cases even early death.

The recent visit by United Nations independent expert Philip Alston has affirmed the stance taken by campaign groups that certain women have been affected disproportionately by recent pension age changes. Mr Alston said: "As was made clear to me in a number of submissions and through powerful personal testimony, a group of women born in the 1950s have been particularly impacted by an abrupt and poorly phased in change in the state pension age from 60 to 66.

We know that unbelievably there is currently NO legal support or advice readily available for any 1950s Women  who, like us, have reached this crucial point in the complaints process, yet the outcome of this investigation by the PHSO, will without doubt, set a precedent for the similar personal complaints that will eventually reach this stage.

Fran & Ros have come to the services of top class, successful and highly acclaimed lawyer, Mr Ivan Walker, who is Principal of Walkers Solicitors, based in Kent. After an initial consultation, Mr Walker has kindly agreed to assist and advise us with the investigation, that is being undertaken by the PHSO

We really need YOUR help to raise the funds needed to pay for Ivan Walker's expert and valuable advice.

We cannot do this without YOU.

Ivan Walker has had more than 30 years' experience running high-level pensions litigation. Until he set up his own practice in 2007 he was the head of the pensions team of a well-known Trade Union firm of solicitors.

In the last year he has taken the Government to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Justice of the European Union in litigation concerning the deficiencies in the Pension Protection Fund for insolvent pension schemes.

He has taken the Government to the Court of Appeal regarding the age-discriminatory provisions of the 2015 public service pension schemes and.....

He has represented the members of the Lloyds Bank pension schemes in a landmark High Court claim regarding sex discrimination in the system for contracting out of the State Earnings-related Pension Scheme.

Ivan Walker also has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the situation that 1950s Women find themselves in, regarding the whole State Pension fiasco, which has been imposed  unfairly upon our entire Generation.

YOUR donation to Fran & Ros's Project will enable us, with Ivan Walker's proven Pension expertise, to provide the detailed and carefully considered responses, which will be essential to ensuring a successful outcome to this Investigation.

We are determined to do this to obtain the very best result too, for the benefit of All 1950s Women

Please will YOU support us by giving what you can to help us succeed ?


YOUR generosity will be paramount to ensuring our success, which will tip the 'Scales of Justice' firmly in favour of

All 1950sWomen.


Thank You so much 

Fran & Ros

22 November 2018

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