Make the Brexit Crooks repay Duty

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Make the Brexit Crooks repay Duty

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To require the brexit crooks to personally refund the duty they said we would not have to pay

A group of liars fooled a very narrow margin of the British voting public into voting in June 2016 to leave the EU with vast number of lies , backed up with a targetted wicked social media campaign. Some of us now find we are forced to pay "duty" for deliveries from the UK - in my case I have just been forced to pay 23.50 Euros "duty" on a small parcel of coffee from my favourite UK producer. I am setting up a website where you will be able to register your wish that Mr Gove is required to repay  the duty his Brexit has forced you to pay. Our intention is to set up an organisation to streamline this process , and we will take legal advice upon whether the Brexiter  Mr Gove and his associates can be required to refund all the money we have been required to pay for the delivery of our goods. 

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