Protect Your Children - Fund School CO2 Monitors

by Long Covid Kids in Godmanstone, England, United Kingdom


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Provide schools with CO2 monitors, measure indoor air quality, reduce the risk of aerosol transmission of Covid thus help prevent Long Covid

by Long Covid Kids in Godmanstone, England, United Kingdom


Long Covid Kids and SafeEdForAll are passionate grassroots campaigners with shared aims, but we need your help!

In April 2021 The World Health Organisation updated it's guidance and acknowledged that COVID-19 is Airborne. CO2 monitors are a scientifically evidenced way to monitor indoor air quality.

By monitoring air quality it is possible to mitigate the risks of transmission to the lowest practicable levels, as required by Health and Safety legislation.

Long Covid can cause chronic and debilitating symptoms.

In England alone, over 48,000 children are already suffering, alongside 1000s of teachers and school staff.


ONS data (Jan 2021) recorded 114 000 teachers suffering from COVID symptoms beyond 12 weeks and that teaching is the second-highest at-risk occupation from Long Covid.

Children are losing out on education and skilled teachers are being lost from the workplace due to inadequate mitigation measures in schools.

The only way to avoid Long Covid is to not contract Covid. 

Help us protect more children and staff whilst they are in the school environment, just like the rest of the population is in their workplace.


We want to reduce the risk of Covid infection and Long Covid in children by providing schools with CO2 monitors that are scientifically recognised as a simple method of monitoring indoor air quality.

Each monitor costs £90 plus VAT. 

100% of all donations will be used to purchase monitors which will be donated to schools across all four nations. 

Long Covid affects every system in the body leaving the sufferer with chronic long-term health issues. Our clinical review found;

  • The mean length of symptoms was reported as 8 months.
  • The mean age was reported as 10 years. 

Further research can be found here.

For more information about the importance of ventilation and ventilation monitoring please download the Long Covid Kids Schools Pack from our website which contains evidence-based practical advice, research, and information to help schools make informed decisions.

Thank you! 

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