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Celebrating, Educating, and Striving to protect Universal Rights & Fundamental Freedoms with performances of Dreams of Peace & Freedom

by TSLR Limited in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

TSLR Limited

4th May 2024

The Loud Minority l Magna Carta Progress 7


Despite the cogent and articulate opposition to the Safety of Rwanda Bill (see our X thread standing with voices from all walks of public life) it has passed into law and already film of manacled migrants being forcibly removed has become part of our news feeds.

As supporters of our Progress you know we have protested the Rwanda Plan in song since June 15th 2022, and we remain on the road performing DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM to celebrate the seventy-five years of protection that the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms has given us.

In the countdown to November 2025 those performances will become more ambitious in scale. Each performance will be a celebration but while the present government’s policy corrodes freedoms and undermines the Convention it will also be a protest.

And we have a proposal as to how you may gently express your rejection of the Rwanda Plan, the way it strips rights from refugees, and threatens the freedoms of us all.

This winter we sensed a wave of anxiety, bordering on fear, at the prospect of further resistance, which was of course the government’s intention in passing legislation making protest much more difficult.

But early opposition to the passing of the Safety of Rwanda Act is encouraging, as the expert activists start to flex their wings. So we are keeping it simple.



We have assembled a 3-track playlist and invite you to listen to it over this bank holiday weekend. The following week at 12.15pm perhaps you could hum along. By Saturday 18th May you could open a window or share your singing gently from your doorstep.

During the pandemic we saluted emergency workers from our own homes for their selfless work. Faced with this new crisis, and the strictures of the government, it would be great if we could express our opposition in our private places, and perhaps ultimately in our neighbourhoods. We are presently arranging performances for the anniversary and will film ourselves and post on the usual channels as we sing along at 12.15 every Saturday whilst we are on our travels.

Visit our website for our playlist -


At a performance of Dreams of Peace & Freedom - details on our website.


Do you know somewhere we could perform Dreams of Peace & Freedom?


Contribute to our fund to keep our protest going, and invite others to do so.


We should keep talking about this, as we don't believe it is the will of the British people.  Follow and connect with us on X, Instagram and YouTube.


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