Made to Move Injury Rehabilitation Clinic and Gym

by Rory Finch in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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The funding will promote community cohesion and health and fitness through developing our communal area and sports therapy clinic.

by Rory Finch in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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On the 13th September 2022 we'd raised £70 with 3 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Hello! I am Rory. And I am the founder of Made to Move. We are looking to raise £11,000 to grow the business through expanding our Sports injury rehabilitation and performance centre by Winter 2022.

Who are we?

Made to Move is based in Kelham Island in Sheffield and we provide guidance and support to empower the residents in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. We believe in letting every one of our clients and customers express their voice in our community to allow our experts and their fellow members through their struggles, hardship, and wins. We deliver activities in areas our members and clientele experience difficulty via injury, reduced physical and mental health, and lack of support and focus on delivering a service that improves these challenges. 

We empower our members to stay active while living with a disability, injury and/or poor health through 1-2-1 and group-based sessions. With a wide demographic served in our community, our new facility which is set to open at the end of July 2022 will enable us to see more of the community develop their health and fitness as a result of working with Made to Move.

We are passionate about:

- Helping you reduce your injuries, improve your health and fitness, and gain back the confidence to improve and get back to exercising more.

- Educating you to dive deeper into the world of health and fitness and how to reduce your risk of injury

- Promoting physical and mental health well-being services

What do we do?

We provide many sessions including injury screening, massage, and physical activity and exercise programmes to keep our members active, engaged and connected. We provide care, through our face-to-face appointments and online via software developed for ongoing communication, and address digital inclusion so they can stay connected to our staff and feel supported. We also provide therapies such as sports therapies to ensure that injuries, aches and pains are reduced to promote a happier, healthier lifestyle. Our sports therapy services are designed to educate, treat and manage injuries of all kinds which range from irritating niggles to pre-amputations. 

Who is behind Made to Move?

We're a small team with a big dream!

Rory, The founder & therapist

Dom, The sprinting therapist

Griff, The SEO wizard

Lee, Business & Admin support

With a long history of working and researching within Elite level and recreation sports, Rory wanted to pull together a team as passionate as he is to reducing the effects of traditional injury management and rehabilitation. His first port of call was to provide a service of comfort, education, and ongoing support to all of his clients. After hearing many stories of our client’s previous experiences, it came to his attention that things need to change. 

With a new supportive take on reliable, up-to-date guidelines, he has helped over 400 clients improve their health and fitness and improve their confidence and self-belief to achieve more. This has now allowed Rory to build a team including Dom that follow the same ambition to constantly evolve with the times to provide an extremely high level of customer service and rapport building. This is supported by the assistance of Lee and Griff to maintain the framework behind the scenes.

Why are we crowdfunding?

With the current economic impact, we have noticed more demand for our therapies and social classes, and our clinic in the previous space is popular we need to provide more space and services so that more people can attend, and we can run them more often. So far, we have invested a great amount of time, love, passion and money into getting our new facility built and getting ready to be running, but now we need a little help to take the facility to the next step.

In July 2022, we’ve got lots of exciting ideas in the pipeline for Made to Move, and so there are many, many things we need to spend money on over the coming months. Within the new facility, we aim to build a new communal bar area to open, to offer a safe space to promote relationship and a place to relax by offering refreshments and a seating area. We will resource the materials and staffing of £1000 to develop the communal health bar and seating area for communal activities and meet and greets.

We will need £8,000 for sports therapy and health and fitness equipment, and materials to create a space that is accessible and meets the demands of our future members to improve their health and fitness, reduce injury and improve self-confidence. We are looking to develop an increased range of sports therapies so more people can benefit from sport. We are targeting the purchase of cardio machines, bikes, free weights, fixed machines, squat racks and other pieces of functional strengthening equipment so that these can be used within our new space.

We also aim to host in-person events to educate which will all help with combatting health and fitness problems, conditions and barriers to health and fitness participation. This will extend our capacity to host health and fitness therapies supporting physical and mental wellbeing, and outdoor recreation.

Finally, we will need £2000 to buy: branded banners, branded packaging, stock, signage and more - all these bits and bobs are to showcase our business and get more brands on board so we can offer better deals to our customers.

In exchange for your pledges and donations, we're offering some unbelievable rewards from exclusive VIP memberships, branded merch, and gift vouchers. And of course, every reward that needs to be posted will be delivered. As we grow our archive of membership perks, we'll also be giving anyone who donates during this campaign a free VIP Membership for the whole of 2022.


What we can do with your help?

Made to Move support individuals and recreational-based sports teams and clubs ranging from 13-70+ years old. We keep them active, engaged and connected! The funding will expand our work and reach, ability to purchase equipment and provide a communal area for ongoing communication, staying connected and keeping active.

With rises in stress, anxiety and support needed in demand, we cannot turn away people requesting help and we know the financial struggle will get worse which leads to more help needed. We need to continually invest and adapt to future Covid-secure processes. Allowing people to connect with others as part of our events and clubs is a big vision for us. With the terrible economic impact, we have more demand for our therapies and classes, and we need to provide more space so that more people can attend, and we can run them more regularly.

You are helping us after the pandemic, by addressing the physical and mental well-being and health of the local community, enabling them to participate in improving their health and fitness in a safe space. Our adaptive sport activities have been a great way to overcome social isolation and something that people of all ages can get involved with. 

We now need your help to make this happen on a larger scale - Not only do we want to keep everyone safe, but we also want to continue to develop our sports and wellbeing strategies so we can offer them to more vulnerable people.

Frequently asked questions FAQs

Q. Can I pledge anonymously?

A. Yes, you can opt to hide your name from other supporters' lists by ticking the relevant box when you make your pledge. Don't worry, we will still be able to see your details. 

Q. Can I pledge on more than one reward?

A. Yes, you can choose as many rewards as you like. You will need to make a new separate pledge for each reward. 

Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any other questions.


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£360 or more

12 months + 3 months free gym membership

Free 6-month gym membership will be rewarded if you pay for 1 year's membership upfront to help with our start-up.

£50 or more

Wall of fame for sponsors

All £50+ donations will give you a place on our wall of fame in the communal area for 1 year. This can be done as a single individual, a family name or even a business. It would also be a great investment for a local company supporting our facility.

£50 or more

Invitation to launch party

Come join us when we open the doors to our brand new facility and in Kelham Island, Sheffield in September. We'll welcome you with a few drinks and snacks, meet the team, join in the workshops and activities and celebrate the launch of our new site.

£100 or more

Made to Move Merchandise

All £100+ donations will receive a branded Made to Move Hoodie or training T-shirt. This will be a great investment for a local company supporting our facility.

£160 or more

Block of 4 Sports Massages

4 x 60 min sports therapy/sports massage sessions (normally £180).

£480 or more

1 Years supply of Sports Massages

12 x 60 min sports therapy/sports massage sessions (normally £540).

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