Children's Mental Health Post Lockdown. Fund Fun!

by Sophie Grindlay in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Children's Mental Health Post Lockdown. Fund Fun!

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After lockdown creativity and play will be vital to support our children's mental health. Love from Miss Wild is a story to fund fun!

by Sophie Grindlay in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Love from Miss Wild is a story for the children of lockdown.

Miss Wild is a small child with big & funny thoughts on the current global situation. She’s had enough and wants to tell the world what she would much rather be doing instead! 

A little doodled draft...A humorous, educational rhyming children's story. Acknowledging a small persons perspective of lockdown and hopefully offering laughter and comfort to both children & adults alike.                                                        

Our aims

After lockdown our children will be entering unchartered territory, the world that they once knew will have changed. They have experienced a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and will be navigating growing up in unprecedented times. This is where we come in!

By supporting this project you will be funding play initiatives across primary schools after lockdown:

  • Fun days
  • Play therapy
  • Art 
  • Creativity
  • People in the right place at the right time, supporting our little ones emotional needs when they transition to life after lockdown back at school
  • You will also be supporting this story Love from Miss Wild to come alive into a fully illustrated children's book to be given to primary schools

Wellbeing and mental health care will be crucial from the get go!

Love from Miss Wild is a book to fund fun! To remind our children and their big imaginations that they can be silly again, and enjoy the few years they have being a kid & carefree!

Where will the money go?

All money from this crowdfunding initiative & profits from the book will provide as much support to as many schools as we can.

Our goal is to put playtime firmly back on the timetable! Every child has lived their own unique experience of lockdown, and we need to be there for them.

How do we plan to do this?

We will work closely with local schools, nurseries & community/youth groups (in *Glasgow to begin with), to  find out the particular needs of their children. Following this we will contact the relevant children's workshops and initiatives to organise a specific event as listed above. 


We will listen to our children's lockdown stories in a safe environment, and provide fun days to put smiles back on their faces, promote play, togetherness & creativity! Let us leave lockdown with a plan to let children be children & live full, enjoyable lives!

As mentioned, copies of the final Illustrated book 'Love from Miss Wild' will also be given to schools reminding children they are brilliant & resilient, but most importantly that they are not alone! What they've been through has been strange, scary and unfamiliar, but we have got their backs!

Love from Miss Wild x

*Following Scottish Government Health guidelines on children's social interaction.

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