Lone Goat Brewing Co: a Pickle Kitchen and Brewery

by Josh Charig in Orpington, England, United Kingdom

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On 23rd December 2020 we successfully raised £10,041 with 111 supporters in 41 days

Lone Goat Brewing Co. aims to bring the community together through food, drink and education. Learn to ferment with us!

by Josh Charig in Orpington, England, United Kingdom

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more


Not into pickles but want to help out a good community project? Donate and we’ll be forever grateful. We appreciate donations of all sizes and want everyone to feel part of Lone Goat and Sadeh.

£15 or more

19 of 75 claimed

Queen Goat’s Secret Hot Sauce

This is from the Queen Goat’s secret stash and she isn’t keen on sharing it. Packing a heated punch, this fermented hot sauce is tangy, hot with a range of flavours brought out from the fermentation. Queen Goat is quite sad we’re giving this away, probably best we stop talking about it.

£25 or more

3 Pack of Pickles

This three pack of pickles includes our core product, sauerkraut, and two of our mini ferments: could be lacto-fermented carrots, could be garlic sauce, could be courgette pickle, maybe some jam! We’d usually serve the mini ferments in a 300ml jar, but for the crowdfunder we’re using 500ml servings. Lucky you. Our lacto ferments are unpasteurised meaning they contain all the bacterial goodness they were born with, but must be kept refrigerated.

£35 or more

3 Pack of Pickles and a Glass

The above three pickles and a limited edition Lone Goat Brewing Co. branded beer glass, only available through this crowdfunder to help you wash down all those pickles you’ll be eating. Whilst pickle brine has health benefits, drinking an entire pint of it may be a bit much at once. If that is your jam though, we don’t judge.

£40 or more

3 Pack of Pickles and Some Prints

The above pickles and 5 postcard prints from the artists behind LGBC. Our art expresses our vision, values and our humorous underbelly, and we’ve been lucky to work with two very talented artists from the beginning. Receive some original homebrew labels as postcard prints. At Sadeh and Lone Goat, we support artists and a percentage of these sales will go towards them.

£40 or more

10 of 25 claimed

3 Pack of Pickles And Hot Sauce

Can't decide between the pickles and hot sauce? Get both! Includes a 3 Pack of Pickles and bottle of Queen Goat's Hot Sauce.

£50 or more

1 of 20 claimed

Brewery & Hop Tour

Come on our brewery tour and learn about how we make beer at Lone Goat Brewing Co. You’ll see how beer gets from grain to glass, including the interesting yeasts we use to give our beers their unique character. But wait, there’s more! Being adjacent to the farm means we can also go see the various hops growing in the field and learn how they are part of the wider ecosystem at Sadeh.

£65 or more

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Pickle Taster & Pairing

If you can’t tell by now, we’re hugely into a variety of pickles. With a range of flavours, these delicious snacks used correctly can elevate a meal to the next dimension. See how pickles can transform food and how to make the most out of them as snacks. We want to serve you the best pickles available, including some which aren’t easy to find in most shops. This event is best in the autumn when we’ve harvested and processed the season’s veg.

£85 or more

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Hamper of Pickles

Everyone loves a hamper, but a pickle hamper is way better than any other. Receive jars of sauerkraut, mini ferments, glass, as well as some art prints and other tasty treats we can create.

£100 or more

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Pickling Day at the Farm

Come to the farm to learn how to make krunchy krout, carrots and hot sauce. Take home some pickles with you and munch down on tasty snacks throughout the day. The classes offered here will be smaller than normal for a more intimate setting. You’ll learn how to make sure your ferments come out well every time, and be confident making your own ferments using a range of vegetables and ingredients.

£100 or more

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Brewday at Lone Goat Brewing Co.

Roll up your sleeves and get hooves-on as you spend the day making a Lone Goat beer. Learn about the importance of all the ingredients whilst sampling Lone Goat’s produce, and take home some beer either on the day or come back to collect the beer you made.

£300 or more

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Adopt a Crock

These special crock pots last a lifetime and allow LGBC to make pickles for as long as we can. We’ll be looking at getting some specialist 20 litre vegetable fermentation crocks to produce our awesome pickles in. You’ll get to name the crock, you’ll also get a jar of whatever it produces whenever it’s ready, and we will send a 3 pack of pickles.

£1,000 or more

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Ultimate Package

Maybe it all sounds good to you and you want a piece of everything. Maybe you want to invite a pickle and beer loving friend along? This is for you. As well as being a hero of the herd, you’ll get invited to a brew day, pickling class, a load of pickles and pickle goodies, art prints and a glass. You can also bring a lucky friend along to the events, and will receive extra pickles to share with them.

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