London needs tourism, and the industry needs you!

by London Tour Tourism in London, England, United Kingdom

London needs tourism, and the industry needs you!


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The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted dreams, we still don't know when we will be able to receive tourists, but we keep creating dreams

by London Tour Tourism in London, England, United Kingdom

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Hi everyone,

The London Tour Tourism needs your help!

In light of the current situation regarding Covid-19, our company is closed due to travel restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic, in April/2020. 

In addition to the travel restrictions imposed on tourists to visit the UK, the focus is on maintaining the safety of our staff and ensuring that everyone is prepared for the reopening, which we believe will be soon.

The tourism sector, among others, has been hard hit since the beginning of the pandemic and unfortunately we still cannot guarantee when it will be safe for visitors to enter the country. The future of so many small businesses like us depends on your help.

Despite the great help from the local government, our company did not receive any kind of assistance and our team was dismantled due to lack of services and financial capacity to keep them with us in the last 12 months. We worked together for over 8 years, but we couldn't offer them so much help during this difficult time.

With that in mind and seeing advances, we believe that we will soon be able to offer our services to tourists and the local community again. At this moment, our goal is to bring our team together and offer them the opportunity to prepare for the future of tourism with us.

We believe in and promote responsible and sustainable tourism, environmentally, economically, and socially. All our customised itineraries and plans are structured around these values. We ensure that the money spent stays locally, promote local restaurants, markets, and shops, in order to feedback to the hosting community. We promote eco-friendly accommodation options, e.g. ones that use renewable energy sources, we plan to invest in an electric vehicle for tours. We invite our customers to explore non-popular areas and finally, we strive to minimise transport, by supporting walking routes and public transportation, where possible. Responsible tourism is so not about having a guilt trip, but rather about opening up people’s eyes to the wonderfully ethical ways to travel and experience our city. 

In addition to contributing to our project that aims to unite tourism and help many other small businesses, we have made several partnerships with local entrepreneurs to be part of our itineraries and tours, taking visitors to know small restaurants, shops, and services and helping our community.

We never stop dreaming, we continue to be confident that our main objective is to fulfill the dream of so many visitors to discover London and fall in love with the country's beauties.

Help us to hold together our team again, to promote London and the whole country and attract more visitors and thus contribute to our entire community, and invest in bigger vehicles offering even more safety. 

Stay tuned, we will soon be launching some travel guides in partnership with other small businesses for residents and tourists, to discover beyond the main attractions. Lots of news will be coming soon, with the help of all of you.

We appreciate your support and attention, any investment you make will help many lives and tourism across the country!


Oi pessoal,

A Londres Tour Turismo precisa da sua ajuda!

Diante da situação atual da Covid-19, nossa empresa está fechada devido a restrições de viagens desde o início da pandemia, em abril / 2020.

Além das restrições de viagem impostas aos turistas para visitar o Reino Unido, o foco está em manter a segurança de nossa equipe e garantir que todos estejam preparados para a reabertura, que acreditamos acontecerá em breve.

O setor de turismo, entre outros, foi duramente atingido desde o início da pandemia e, infelizmente, ainda não podemos garantir quando será seguro para os visitantes entrarem no país. O futuro de tantas pequenas empresas como nós, depende da sua ajuda.

Apesar da ajuda do governo, nossa empresa não recebeu nenhum tipo de assistência e nossa equipe sofreu muito pela falta de serviços e capacidade financeira para mantê-los conosco nos últimos 12 meses. Trabalhamos juntos por mais de 8 anos, mas não conseguimos mante-los conosco nesse difícil momento. 

Pensando nisso e vendo os avanços, acreditamos que em breve poderemos voltar a oferecer nossos serviços aos turistas e à comunidade local. Neste momento, o nosso objetivo é reunir a nossa equipe e oferecer a oportunidade de se prepararem para o futuro do turismo conosco, novamente. 

Além de contribuir com o nosso projeto que visa unir o turismo e ajudar tantos outros pequenos negócios, temos feito diversas parcerias com empresários locais para fazerem parte dos nossos roteiros e passeios, levando os visitantes a conhecerem pequenos restaurantes e lojas, e ajudando a nossa comunidade.

Não paramos de sonhar, continuamos confiantes de que nossa missão é realizar o sonho de tantos visitantes que desejam conhecer as belezas de Londres e todo o Reino Unido. 

Nos ajude a unir novamente a nossa equipe, a divulgar Londres e o Reino Unido e atrair mais visitantes.  A sua ajuda fará com que possamos reunir nossa equipe, dar a eles a oportunidade de voltar a trabalhar, e investir em um veículo para continuarmos oferecendo passeios. 

Fique ligado, em breve estaremos lançando alguns guias de viagem em parceria com outros pequenos negócios para residentes e turistas, para descobrir além dos principais atrativos. Muitas novidades virão em breve, com a ajuda de todos vocês.

Agradecemos o seu apoio e atenção, qualquer investimento que venha a ajudar muitas vidas e turismo em todo o país!

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