@LMFnetwork 6 month Career Mentoring Programme

by Sonya Barlow in London, England, United Kingdom

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LMF mentorship programme is a comprehensive 6-month digital programme to provide supportive, opportunities and tools to achieve career goals

by Sonya Barlow in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 21st February 2021 we'd raised £316 with 9 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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Why is professional mentoring important?

  • 87% of mentee and mentors feel empowered by their relationships.
  • Mentee’s are promoted 5x more than those who do not have a mentor and mentor are promoted 6x more.
  • 79% of Millenials see mentoring as crucial to their career success (Huffpost). 

Given the impact of Covid19, we are heading into a global recession, with an estimated 1 in 10 people losing their jobs or being asked to reskill. This is one reason why the LMF mentoring scheme was launched and is carrying on to our second programme. [Sign up to the 2021 programme here]. Blog on the importance of Professional Mentoring @LMFnetwork here


What is the LMF mentoring programme?

The LMF mentorship programme is a comprehensive 6-month multimedia programme to provide supportive relationships, opportunities and tools to achieve one’s career goals. Covering topics from goal setting, personal branding to CV & interview skills and public speaking.

What will these funds be used for?

  • Zoom setup - £2,174
  • Gmail & Website - £1,026
  • General running of the programme - £1,500
  • Newsletter subscription - £300

What is the feedback from programme #1?

The feedback has since been epic! We have received messages of gratitude and success stories throughout.

  • 95% were “matched with a perfect mentor”
  • 89% felt upskilled after each workshop
  • 93% will recommend to a friend (mentor & mentee)
  • 95% feel inspired to apply for job roles when companies lead the session
  • 89% are open to follow up information from mentors and partners

What did participants achieve from programme #1?

Cecilia — Mentee

“£13K Payrise during the pandemic, 2020” — Cecilia believed that the mentoring programme enabled her to access a variety of people and build relationships on a really flexible timing. She was impressed by the adaptability of the programme and time management, as she balanced work, life and family time. Cecilia also explained that through the programme, she was able to build confidence and gain a promotion.

Maya — Mentee

“Confirmed the passion and need for social mobility” — Maya felt that the programme was structured very well which helped her achieve her goals. Maya runs mentoring programmes for her day job and saw the benefit of exploring opportunities outside of work as well as internally. Given the success of the programme, Maya has joined the LMF network as their 2021 social mobility programme lead.

Christina — Mentee

“Encouraged her to launch her own programme” — Christina was appreciative of the programme allowing mentors and mentees with a range of experience, as despite running a creative agency she wanted to explore learning through the lens of a mentee. Christina firmly believes this programme secured purpose and gave her the confidence to got for things!

Naomi — Mentee

“Saw everything from a different lens, which was eye-opening” — Naomi came into the programme slightly as she was on a waiting list. Even on the waiting list, Naomi felt opportunities and activities were shared her way through the Slack community. With her mentor, Naomi was matched with a “white man” whilst she herself identifies as a “black women.” Naomi found that this experience of having a mentor who was completely different helped her to explore different perspectives, suggested new ways of doing the same task and grew her confidence in creating the life she wants. Naomi is coming back in programme 2 as a mentoring coach and LMF community volunteer.

Tania — Programme lead

“Matched mentors with mentees on a 95% success rate” — Tania led the 1st programme from London and Mexico. Tania was the mastermind behind the insanely successful matching, where she consciously matched participants through a blind process (we won’t share the secret sauce). Tania was excited by the number of participants in the 1st programme with little marketing and the fact that everyone was so keen to get involved! For her, designing and delivering the programme alongside speakers enabled collaboration and community. Learning which she shared was that everyone was very open to human experiences, which she appreciated, for example having to re-arrange workshops or re-establish the rules. As a pilot, Tania deemed this as a success! In 2021, Tania will be taking a step back to focus on her film career and we wish her the best!

Aarthi — 2021 partner and mentor from Stripe

“Knew the LMF mentoring scheme was something to champion” — Though not a participant in the 1st programme, Aarthi was invited to share her experiences from the lens of an employer and future mentor. She explained that being a mentee in the past has enabled her to take on projects that she never thought she could take on and work closely with executives. By becoming a mentor and partner, she is hoping to pay that level of empowerment forward by guiding someone else in their journey.


What is LMFnetwork?

The LMFnetwork is a global social enterprise (not for profit) focused on empowering, enabling & educating womxn and marginalised groups into tech, entrepreneurship & digital. We specialise in designing and delivering accessible programmes and supporting a global community. We’ve gone from a brunch club to a social good brand based on what the community wanted. We are a real community run by real people.

Since launching in May 2018, the network has facilitated 200+ workshops globally, upskilled 5000+ people, nominated for 3 national awards and engaged with over 35,000 online. With its roots firmly in London, we now have our first international chapter in Toronto, Canada and are launching our first university society with Queens University, Canada.


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