'LIARS' Short Film

by Sarah Goldney in Brighton, , United Kingdom

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Liars is a comedy short film following a boy who tries to make new friends by telling extravagant stories, until it all starts to backfire.

by Sarah Goldney in Brighton, , United Kingdom


A young man tells fake stories at a party to impress everyone but soon starts to lose track of reality and fiction. 


 After moving to a new town, Oliver is lost and alone. At a party, he is asked to tell a story about himself. Panicking, he tells a lie. Trying to tell a Western-style adventure, his storytelling ability leaves a lot to be desired. May, an eccentric but enigmatic girl, notices this. Helping people at parties for money, May offers to improve his chances of impressing everyone. However, she has one rule. No lies. 


May and Oliver begin telling his stories to everyone. How he survived an attack from a serial killer, was engaged to a foreign princess, and even swam all the way to France. Soon Oliver’s reputation starts to grow, but so does his ego. As he starts being absorbed in all the attention he receives, he begins neglecting the one true friendship he’s actually developing. After May starts suspecting the truth, Oliver’s illusion soon starts breaking and he is confronted with what the ideas of friendship and identity truly mean to him. 


Cole - Screenwriter, Director


"Hi, I’m Cole and I’m the Director of Liars. I wrote Liars as I wanted to explore troubled characters who are seemingly as lost in the world as the rest of us. We’ve all found ourselves, stuck in a new place, with the fears and anxieties about being alone or people not liking us. They’re everyday issues, and though they have been put on film many times, I wanted to explore them through the unique eyes, of a compulsive liar. 

I’m super excited to direct liars as it’ll be an extremely rewarding experience for my crew and me. We won’t just tell you Oliver's stories, we’ll show you them with each having a unique style and atmosphere. It’s going to be a fun and exciting journey for our characters and I can’t wait for you all to join us."

Sarah - Producer


"Hi, I’m Sarah and I am the producer of ‘Liars’. I have been producing films for the three years that I’ve been at university and have absolutely loved it. The way that a film set can be organised to turn beautifully like clockwork with everyone overflowing creatively is what makes it all worth it. 

 I’m excited to get this project underway and explore all of the new ideas we have to make this the best film possible. We have an exceptional crew who work well together, so I can’t wait to utilise all our creative skills. With your help, we can make our vision come to life!"

Sam - Cinematographer


"Films as a medium have always intrigued me more than most art forms; a filmmaker can express different emotions, or tell different stories, using a plethora or artistic filmmaking techniques. From a young age I have been making and researching different films, a hobby which has carried on through my education. 

I am the cinematographer for this project, and I am very excited to be involved with the making of this short film. It’s the most stylistically unique film I have worked on so far and I can’t wait to execute my creative vision for it."

Phoebe - Editor


"Hi, I'm Phoebe and I'm video editor for Liars! I'm so excited to work on this project, it's going to  be full of comedy and clever twists for all to enjoy! I've always had a love for film, nothing better than getting lost in the story and feeling inspired. Keep an eye out for what's to come and I hope you enjoy following our journey from start to end!" 

Arthur - Sound Editor/recordist


"I have been passionate about film for as long as I can remember and appreciate how versatile of a medium it can be.

I am doing the sound design because I feel it is an under appreciated aspect of filmmaking that can vastly improve a films quality."


 To create our film, we have access to incredible equipment from the University kit stores. We will be doing more test shoots before our principal filming to ensure we have chosen the best equipment to suit our film. With your help, we will be able to use this equipment to its best ability and produce a high-quality short film!


To shoot our short film, we have decided to use the film studio that we have access to. This will mean building, painting, and dressing our own set to create the world of the film! With your help, your money will go towards supplies such as paint, wooden flats, posters and props. We cant wait to get creative with this film set and build it to be perfect for the fictional world of 'Liars'!


Here is an idea of how we want some of the characters and scenes in Liars to look!







In order to make this film as good as it can possibly be, we need your help! Your donations will be essential in going towards filming day costs, actors and props/set. You can help us make this film a reality!

Below is a breakdown of how the budget for Liars will be split.



We are all excited to make this film happen, and we can't do it without your help! We want to create a film that is funny, unique and full of surprises, and you can help to make that happen! 

Follow along the filmmaking journey to see how your donations are helping on our instagram page: @liars.shortfilm . You can find all kinds of updates about the film on there! We also have a tiktok page: @liars.shortfilm

Thank you so much for your help! We can't wait to get creative with this project and bring Oliver's world to life! 


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