Proportional Representation - It’s Now or Never

by Make Votes Matter in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

We did it
On 11th January 2022 we successfully raised £73,013 with 2682 supporters in 55 days

Despite Boris Johnson’s best efforts, we’ve never been this close to winning PR. This festive season let’s power equal votes over the line!

by Make Votes Matter in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

£50 or more

New! Green or purple T-shirts

MVM campaigns in purple, white, and green - the colours of democracy campaigners through the centuries. For years we’ve printed white T-shirts with the MVM logo. Now it’s time for green and purple ones too! Donate to be among the first to wear one, in your choice of green or purple.

£7 or more

Donate the cost of your pints or cinema tickets!

Cheers! This reward comes with a warm feeling inside. Every penny will be put hard to work on winning real democracy for the UK.

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A big MVM sticker

Want to tell the world that you support equal votes? Add this large MVM sticker to your car, your bike, your window, or anywhere that will spark up a conversation!

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The MVM metallic badge

These eye-catching badges are strong and stable - everything First Past the Post is not!

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MVM tote bag

An organic cotton tote bag, to help you carry both your belongings and your passion for equal votes.

£28 or more

Travel coffee cup

Our portable mugs are emblazoned with the disproportionate results of the last general election. Lots of wasted votes, but no wasted single-use plastics!

£33 or more

MVM face covering

Want to spread the word without even opening your mouth? Wear one of our reusable face coverings and together we’ll help protect each other from coronavirus - and build back better with real democracy. Please note that these are for general public use in crowded settings, not medical-grade PPE.

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MVM Umbrella

Britain being rainy is about as safe a bet as voters in safe seats being ignored. Protect against both with our new branded umbrellas!

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Both a green and a purple T-shirt!

Can’t decide which of our stylish new T-shirt colours to get? Why not get both!

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The 2021 goodie bag

Want a MVM sticker, metallic badge, tote bag, travel coffee cup, face covering, umbrella, and two T-shirts? And to make a big difference in the campaign for equal votes? Get your hands on this year’s bumper goodie bag!

£500 or more

A special invitation

Here’s your special invitation to join the MVM team for a chat over coffee, lunch, or dinner. We can meet in Westminster or agree somewhere else in the UK that suits you! We’ll include a goodie bag - and give it to you in person!

£765 or more

Sponsor a day

All right, if you want to make a giant impact, this one’s for you. Choose a date in 2022 that means something to you, and a donation of this size will sponsor the entire nationwide Make Votes Matter campaign for that day! We’ll give you a special briefing on all the campaigning and progress that you made possible on your day, along with an exclusive meeting with the staff team. Oh, and we’ll throw in a goodie bag too if you’d like one!


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