Letters From Space

by Letters from Space Production in Birmingham, , United Kingdom

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To raise production funds for the Short Film 'Letters from Space'

by Letters from Space Production in Birmingham, , United Kingdom

  • What is Letters from Space?

After Ash's idol and older brother David is sent on 'a mission to space', she only hears from him through written letters which fizzle out as she grows up.

Now packing for University, Ash receives another letter from her brother, forcing her to revisit memories, childlike fantasies and the tragic reason why he left.

  • A Personal Film

Letters from Space is a film about our childhood memories. My childhood memories are fragments that play like fantastical films from the eyes of a child. Memories are time-travel, often triggered by an object/room/person that you haven't seen in years. We consist of memories -both happy and sad - and without them we are no longer who we are. When Ash reads the letter from her brother, she travels back in time to discover what her relationship with David was, why it disappeared, and whether they can be close again.

I want to make this film because of how personal it is. I am an older brother, often feeling like I have abandoned my siblings as my life gets in the way. This was particularly true of  my younger brother who passed away in October 2022 - and as such remembering my childhood is difficult - as if the Tardis is broken. This film will have a connection with its audience because it taps into something we all feel as time travellers.

Link to Pitchdeck

  • Why in Birmingham? 

Birmingham is a city that is consistently overlooked within the film and tv industry, yet the brilliant artists residing within have welcomed the team with open arms. The UK’s second city, we want to make a film which shows Birmigham at its best; an industrial city with daring architecture and pockets of natural beauty, with it’s parks, hills and reservoirs hidden away. This is why we aim to film our exteriors at Barr Beacon, a picturesque open space with the city skyline in the background. 

  • Where will the money will go?

We are asking for £3500 to help fund Letters from Space. This will aim to cover Cast and Crew expenses, camera hire, costumes, props, locations and post-production. Please find a breakdown of the costs below: 


  • Incentives

These are some Incentives we offer for donating to our crowdfunder!

1) £5.00 Shout out on Social Media

2) £10.00 Exclusive Link to DM's first film Gravitational Fields

3) £20.00 Exclusive Link to DM's First film Gravitational Fields and 4k exclusive download of Letters from Space

4) £30.00 a free ticket and cocktail to one of screen B14's events

5) £30.00 A prop from the film and a signed copy of the screen play.

6) £40.00 Script Review from writers Ben Thomas and Rory Rawson OR a free dance lesson from producer Lauren Shirley (Adv2 tap, Adv 1 Ballet, modern) 

7) £50.00 Signed 'Letters from Space' poster from the creative team.

8) £100.00 An official thank you at the end credits of the film 

9) £500.00 Executive Producer credit

10) £1000.00 Rory Rawson and Ben Thomas will write your next short film script - guaranteed awards and fame!


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£20 or more

Link to Gravitational Fields + Letters From Space

Exclusive link to DM’s First film Gravitational Fields and a 4K Exclusive download of Letters from Space

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Shout out on Social Media

£5.00 Shout out on Social Media

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Link to DM’s First Film Gravitational Fields

Exclusive link to DM’s first film Gravitational Fields

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Free ticket and Cocktail to a Screen B14 event

£30.00 Free Ticket and cocktail to one of Screen B14’s events (Local Community Cinema based in the Kings Heath Area)

£40 or more

Script Review and Feedback from the Writers

Writers Ben Thomas and Rory Rawson will provide an in depth analysis of your script, providing feedback via a report and video call.

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1-1 Dance Lesson from Producer Lauren Shirley

A free dance lesson from producer Lauren Shirley (10 years of dance teaching for all ages, professionally qualified to Advance 2 tap and Advance 1 ballet and modern)

£50 or more

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Signed Poster of the film

Signed poster of the Film

£100 or more

Official Thankyou at the End Credits of the Film

Your name will be on the big screen, with an official thank you on the end credits of our film!

£500 or more

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Executive Producer Credit

An Official Executive Producer credit for the film, thanked in the beginning of the film.

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The Writers Will Write Your Next Short Film Idea

The writers will write your next short film idea - guaranteed awards success and fame!

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